Falcon 50EX Annunciator Lights

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  1.       T/O    
    At least 1 of the 3 throttles must be at 82° Power Lever Angle and

    Airplane is on the ground and 1 or more of the following:

    • 1 of the 4 inboard airbrakes is not retracted 1 of the 4 slats is not extended
    • Flaps are beyond the 22° position
    • Horizontal stab is out of takeoff range (-3° through -7°)
    • Autopilot is engaged
    • Parking brake applied
    • #2 brakes applied
  2.       REV      
    Thrust reverser unlocked on ground or inflight with control handle in STOW position

    • 1. Control actuator not locked. Or
    • 2. Microswitch which indicates STOW position for RH or LH target door not closed
    • 3. Secondary latch not locked
    • Note: TRANSIT or DEPLOYED lights on instrument panel illuminate sequentially
  3.  CABIN 
    With aural warning: Cabin altitude higher than 10,000 +/- 500 feet
  4.     AP   
    Autopilot failed

    Auto disengagement of autopilot & light illumination. Failure detected by AP internal monitoring circuit

    Note: Light can be extinguished by again pressing AP DISENGAGE button on either control wheel
  5.   HOT BAT 
    Battery 1 and/or 2 overheat - internal temp of >150°F or 160°F with digital BAT TEMP indicator

    NOTE: This light is in parallel with red light located on double BAT TEMP indicator
  6.   OIL 1      OIL 2      OIL 3 
    Oil pressure < 50 psi in associated engine
  7.   ENG 2 FAIL 
    Illuminates when either of following occurs:

    • S-duct door is open
    • Aircraft is on ground, #2 throttle is >84°, and #2 engine RPM is <85% with 15 second time delay
  8.   DOORS  
    Illuminates if any of the following conditions exist:

    • Main cabin door unlocked 
    • Main cabin door handle not latched 
    • Baggage door is unlocked 
    • Aft compartment door unlocked, but monitored only on ground
  9.   AUTO 
    Illuminates when either of folowing occurs:

    • Failure of IAS disarm contacts that normally prevent auto extension of outboard slats at 270 KIAS or
    • After takeoff if either ground flight relay remains in ground mode 5 seconds after takeoff. One of the autoslat system is not available in flight
  10.  COND'G
    Conditioned air overheat in distribution ducts

    Temperature of air in cabin and/or cockpit supply duct > 85°C - 95°C
  11.   FLAP 
    Flaps stop to move at same time light illuminates. Detection of LH and RH flap deflection asymmetry

    • 5° for flap deflections of 20°
    • 8° for flap deflections of 48°
  12.    APU     
    APU bleed valve in not closed and any 1 of the 3 throttles is >54° PLA

    APU bleed switch is in OFF and APU bleed air valve is open

    APU shutdown and bleed air vlave is open
  13.  BLEED 
    Overheat detection is >310°C or 275°C. E.I.E.D. may display mssg flag indicating faulty bleed area
  14.   L.PITOT         R.PITOT  
    For associated LH or RH circuit

    No electrical current for pitot heat or static probe heating

    Heating system monitoring circuit is failed
  15.   AIL ZERO 
    Emergency aileron actuator is not set to zero: (It is out of the +/- 30 minute range)
  16.   Q-UNIT  
    Failure of ARTHUR Q monitoring

    Discrepancy between speed information from air data computer & from aileron and/or elevator Arthur Q

    Deviation of +/- 30 kt. Up to IAS = 250 kt. Deviation of +/-50 kt. at 370 kt.
  17.   AP TRIM 
    AP coupler trim circuit failed (monitoring of electrical pulses sent to horizontal stab actuator by AP coupler)
  18.   MISTRIM 
    Horizontal stabilizer does not move, although commanded to do so by the autopilot
  19.  GEN 1    GEN 2    GEN 3 
    Generator mounted on engine #1, #2, or #3 is not connected to main bus bar (associated reverse current relay open)
  20.   BAT 1        BAT 2 
    Main bus bars are no longer suplied by batteries (associated contactor open)
  21.   BUS TIED 
    Bus-tied relay closed and 225 amp current limiter is good. Means left & right main busses are tied
  22.        ENG 1        

           ENG 2      

          ENG 3         
    Computer of associated engine is off. Or

    Computer has failed (internal failure or electrical power supply failure or incorrect data has been processed to the computer)
  23.  FUEL 1    FUEL 2    FUEL 3
    Fuel booster pump pressure < 5.0 - 6.0 psig (345 - 415 reletive mbar)
  24.   FUELING 
    Any 1 of the 3 air-vent valves (feeder tank or wing tank) is not closed or

    Defueling valve is not closed or

    Pressure refueling access door is not closed or

    Gravity fueling control switch is not in the OFF position
  25.   LO FUEL 
    Fuel level in any 1 of the 3 feeder tanks < 250-300 lb for a minimum of 15 +/- 3 seconds
  26.   HYD TK 
    Hydraulic tank pressure is < 16 psia in either one or both hydraulic reservoirs
  27.   BRAKE 
    Parking brake accumulator hydraulic pressure is < 1200 psi of trapped hydraulic fluid
  28.   ST PUMP 
    Illuminates when either of the following occurs:

    • Standby pump is running continuously for longer than 60 seconds
    • Standby pump selector handle is in ground mode
  29.   APU GEN 
    APU generator reverse-current relay has opened
  30.   NOSE FAN 
    Nose cone fan failure after a 15 second time delay
  31.    HYDR #1   
        PUMP 1    
    Hydraulic system #1 pressure is < 1,500 psi downstream from hydraulic pump 1
  32.   HYDR #1 
       PUMP 2   
    Hydraulic system #1 pressure is < 1,500 psi downstream from hydraulic pump 2
  33.   HYDR #2 
       PUMP 3  
    Hydraulic system #2 pressure is < 1,500 psi downstream from hydraulic pump 3
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