Misc. Words Isee 6

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  1. Propriety (n)
    • 1. The quality of being proper; appropriateness
    • 2. Conformity to prevailing customs and privelages
    • 3. The usages and customs of polite society
  2. Banal (adj)
    Drearily commonplace and often predictable
  3. Cantankerous (adj)
    • 1. Ill-tempered and quarrelsome; disagreeable
    • 2. Difficult to handle
  4. Effereverscence (n)
    A buubling reaction
  5. Levity (n)
    • 1. The state or quality of being light, bouyant
    • 2. Lightness of manner or speech, especially when inappropriate
    • 3. Inconsistency; changeableness
  6. Pert (adj)
    • 1. Trim and stylish in appearance
    • 2. Vivacious; high spirited
    • 3. Impudently bold; saucy
  7. Traduce (v)
    • To speak badly about someone to damage their reputation
    • Ex: Political opponents often traduce eachother in order to gain votes.
  8. Ascertain (v)
    • 1. To make certain or precise
    • 2. To discover with certainty through experimentation or observation
  9. Choleric (adj)
    • Easily angered
    • Ex: The choleric child threw temper tantrums very often.
  10. Entourage (n)
    • 1. A group of associates or attendants
    • 2. One's environment or surroundings
    • Ex: The entourage of the mountains was breathtaking.
  11. Retinue (n)
    The attendants or servants surrounding a high-ranking person
  12. Deplore (v)
    • 1. To feel strong disapproval for; to condemn
    • 2. To express grief over; to bemoan
  13. Shanty (n)
    A roughly built shack
  14. Surrogate (v) (n)
    • (v)1. To appoint a subsitute
    • (n)2. A subsitute
  15. Emulate (v)
    • To imitate
    • Ex: My little brother often emulates my actions, which irks me greatly.
  16. Avowal (n)
    • A frank admission or acknowledgement
    • Ex.
    • His avowal left me stunned, for I had not expected him to comply so quickly.
  17. Slough (n) (v)
    • (n) 1. A depression often filled with mud
    • 2. A state of despair and depression
    • (v)3. To shed or cast off; to come off
  18. Cumbrous (adj)
    • Cumbersome; burdening
    • Ex: The cumbrous backpack left me sweating less than halfway to the top of the mountain.
  19. Perennial (adj)
    • 1. Lasting actively for a long time
    • The perennial plant bloomed for ten years before dying.
    • 2. Appearing again and again; recurring
  20. Implicit (adj)
    • 1. Implied or understood but not directly expressed
    • 2. Having no doubts or reservations; unquestionable
    • Ex: The implicit results of the person's actions caused seven people to be injured severely.
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