English Alone or Together Vocab

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  1. autism
    condition in which a person is focused on own mind, intolerant of outside stimulation
  2. autobiographical
    written about one's true past experiences
  3. autocracy
    a government in which one person has unlimited power
  4. autoimmune
    attacking the other cells or tissues of the organism that produces the attacker (to prevent disease, etc.)
  5. automated
    designed to function without human action; self-operating
  6. autonomy
  7. autopsy
    examination of a body to determine the cause of death (seeing with one's own eyes)
  8. accomplice
    partner or helper (especially in crime)
  9. coagulate
    to thicken into a solid state; clot
  10. coalesce
    to grow together; to fuse; to unite for a common goal
  11. coincidentally
    happening at the same time (especially when it's surprising that these things should happen at the same time)
  12. collage
    an artistic composition made from a variety of materials
  13. collegial
    sharing equally; in a peer relationship at work or in school
  14. collude
    to conspire or plot together (especially for an illegal or secretive purpose)
  15. commingle
    to blend thoroughly together into one consistent mixture
  16. communal
    owned by everyone; shared; participated in by the entire group
  17. compatible
    capable of getting along together
  18. compilation
    a collection of various documents into one volume
  19. concord
  20. convergence
    the point at which two things come together; intersection; juncture
  21. conjugal
    relating to marriage (especially referring to the sexual rights of a spouse)
  22. conjunction
    a word which joins together other words, phrases, or clauses
  23. consensual
    by mutual agreement
  24. consortium
    a group of companies or individuals working together
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