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  1. Who wrote "The Sand-Man"?
    E.T.A. Hoffmann
  2. Who are the main characters in "The Sand-man"?
    • Nathaniel
    • Clara - his beloved
    • Coppelius - the alchemist
    • Coppola - the weather-glass seller
    • Olimpia - the automaton Nathaniel falls in love with
    • Lothair - Nathaniel's best friend and Clara's brother
    • Spalanzani - Olimpia's "father"
  3. Who wrote "The Cremona Violin"?
    E.T.A. Hoffmann
  4. Who are the main characters in "The Cremona Violin"?
    • Councillor Krespel - Antonia's father
    • Antonia
    • B-- - Antonia's beloved
    • the Violin
    • Professor
    • Narrator - seeks to find out Krespel's secrets
  5. Who wrote "The Wild Ass's Skin"?
    Honoré de Balzac
  6. Who are the main characters in "The Wild Ass's Skin"?
    • Raphael
    • R's friends - meets up with to go to the orgy
    • Pauline - his landlord's daughter, whom he falls in love with
    • Euphrasie & Alquilina - the prostitutes
    • Antiquarian - "sells" him the magic skin (not w/o warning)
    • Foedora - cold woman R wishes to love
    • Rastignac - old friend
    • Jonathas - "butler" (for lack of a better word)
  7. Who wrote "The Venus of Ille"?
    Prosper Mérimée
  8. Who are the main characters in "The Venus of Ille"?
    • Statue of Venus
    • Narrator - onlooker, archaeologist
    • Alphonse - puts his ring on the statue's finger to hold while he plays tennis
    • The Spaniard - plays tennis with Alphonse on his wedding day, suspect in Alphonse's death
    • Wife - marries Alphonse
    • Father - obsessed with statue
    • Mother - wants to turn statue into a church bell
  9. Who wrote "The Slap of Charlotte Corday"?
    Alexandre Dumas
  10. Who are the main characters in "The Slap of Charlotte Corday"?
    • Charlotte and her head - beheaded for murdering Marat, and the executioner's asst. slaps her head after
    • "Solange" - aristocrat's daughter in hiding falls in love with Albert, her secret is discovered and she is beheaded
    • "Albert"/ Narrator - experimenting to see if the heads can feel after they part company with their bodies
    • Solange's father - aristocrat in hiding, Albert gets him to England to safety
    • Queen Marie Antoinette
  11. Who wrote "The Dead in Love"?
    Théophile Gautier
  12. Who are the main characters in "The Dead in Love"?
    • Romuald - a priest, a venetian prince
    • Clarimond - a "courtesan"/vampire
    • Father Serapion - priest or devil?
  13. Who wrote "Arria Marcella"?
    Théophile Gautier
  14. Who are the main characters in "Arria Marcella"?
    • Octavian - falls in love with the bust of A. Marcella
    • Fabio - Octavian's friend
    • Max - Octavian's friend
    • Arria Marcella - 79 c.e. covered in volcanic ash
    • Arrius Diomedes - father of A. Marcella
    • Rufus Holconius - Octavian's tour guide of Pompeii
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