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  1. What does Transformational Learning refer to in the spiritual coaching paradigm? (3)
    • The process utilized to empower the client to transform themselves or their behavior in order to accomplish an intended or desired outcome.
    • The process of reinventing the client's self image, how the client thinks, what the client believes and how the client behaves.
    • It means changing what you see, how you be and how you live.
  2. What does Transformational Learning require? (2)
    • Identification and releasing of out-dated, unproductive habits of thought and behavior.
    • Learning and implementation of new patterns of thought and behavior.
  3. What are the essential characteristics of Transformational Learning? (6)
    • Process for transforming personal frames of reference.
    • Opportunity to update and upgrade self image.
    • Process for enhancing productivity.
    • Facilitates and supports taking effective action.
    • Eliminates the mismatch between intentions and behaviors.
    • Activates commitment and responsibility.
  4. What are the three approaches to Transformational Learning?
    • Triple Loop: Alter context out of which clients make self-defining choices.
    • Double Loop: Do different things.
    • Single Loop: Improvement practices; do what they are already doing better.
  5. What are the essential characteristics of Triple Loop Learning? (4)
    • When the beliefs held no longer serve the individual or their desires, they must be totally transformed.
    • Transform who the client is in terms of beliefs, values and desires.
    • The client is required to grow, heal, and learn about who they are and how they behave in order to realize the desired outcome.
    • Create a shift in people's context or point of view about themselves.
  6. What are the essential characteristics of the Double Loop Learning? (4)
    • Transform what the client does.
    • Learning to do something fundamentally different.
    • The client is required to re-create their patterns of thought and behavior in order to realize the desired outcome.
    • Requires a change in their frame of reference.
  7. What are the characteristics of Single Loop Learning? (5)
    • Transform how the client does it.
    • Focus on how to do it rather than what to do.
    • Improve current practices; do what they are already doing better.
    • The client must learn to take small incremental steps of both old and new behavior in order to realize the desired outcome.
    • Helping people embody new skills and capabilities through incremental improvement.

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