Consumer Beh Ch. 12

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  1. Dimensions of a Consumer's Self-Concept
    • Private Actual Self Concept: how I actually see myself
    • Social Actual Self Concept: how others actually see me
    • Private Ideal Self Concept: how I would like to see myself
    • Social Ideal Self Concept: how I would like others to see me
  2. Interdependent Self Concept
    tend to be... obedient, sociocentric, holistic, connected
  3. Independent Self Concept
    tend to be... individualistic, egocentric, autonomous, self reliant
  4. Extended Self
    • consists of the self plus possessions
    • people defire themselves by their possessions
  5. Peak Experience
    experience that surpasses the usual level of intensity and meaningfulness, and produces feelings of joy and self fulfullment
  6. Lifestyle
    • how a person lives
    • how one enacts his or her self concept
    • influences all aspects of their consumer behavior
    • determined by past experiences, innate characteristics and current situations
  7. Lifestyle Determinants
    • demographics
    • subculture
    • social class
    • personality
  8. Lifestyle (how we live)
    • activities
    • interests
    • likes/dislikes
    • attitudes
  9. Impact on Behavioe
    • Purchases: how, when, where, what, with whom
    • Consumption: where, with whom, how, when, what
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