Chp 5 Verbs

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  1. almorzar 
    to have lunch
  2. cerrar
    to close
  3. descansar
    to rest
  4. dormir
    to sleep
  5. empezar
    • to begin
    • to start
  6. entender
    to understand
  7. hacer
    • to do
    • to make
  8. hacer ejercicio
    to exercise
  9. hacer un viaje
    to take a trip
  10. hacer una pregunta
    to ask a question
  11. jugar
    to play ( a game or sport0
  12. oír
    (oigo, oyes,...)
    • to hear
    • to listen to (music)
  13. pedir
    • to ask for
    • to order
  14. pensar 
    • to think (about)
    • + INF.  to intend.  plan to 
  15. perder
    • to lose
    • to miss (an event)
  16. poner
    • to put
    • to place
    • to turn on (an applicance)
  17. salir
    to leave (a place)
  18. salir bien (mal)
    to turn out well (badly)
  19. salir con
    to date
  20. salir para
    to leave for (a place)
  21. servir
    to serve
  22. servir para
    to be used for
  23. traer
    to bring
  24. ver (veo)
    to see
  25. volver
    • to return (to a place)
    • + INF to (do something) again
  26. acostarse
    (me acuesto)
    to go to bed
  27. afietarse
    to shave
  28. bañarse
    to take a bath
  29. cepillarse los dientes
    to brush one's teeth
  30. despertarse
    (me despierto)
    to wake up
  31. divertirse
    (me divierto)
    • to have a good time
    • enjoy oneself
  32. dormirse
    (me duermo)
    to fall asleep
  33. ducharse
    to take a shower
  34. levantarse
    • to get up (out of bed)
    • to stand up
  35. peinarse
    to brush (comb) one's hair
  36. ponerse
    (me pongo)
    to put on (an article of clothing)
  37. quitarse
    to take off (an article of clothing)
  38. sentarse
    (me siento)
    to sit down
  39. vestirse
    (me visto)
    to get dressed
  40. llamarse
    to be called
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