Misc. Words Isee 9

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  1. Bona Fide (adj)
    Real, genuine
  2. Anorexic (adj)
    • Extremely thing
    • Ex: The anorexic dancers looked like they would be blown away by a breeze.
  3. Plurality (adj)
    The plurality of evidence convinced the jury that the defendant was guilty.
  4. Palatial (adj)
    • Resembling a palace in being spacious and splendid
    • Ex: The palatial house of the governor must have cost millions of dollars to build.
  5. Utilitarian (adj)
    • Designed to be useful or practical instead of attractive
    • My makeshift bookshelf was meant to be utilitarian; it may not look good, but it works as well as any other one.
  6. Totalitarian (adj)
    • Characterized by having a government with absolute rule or control
    • Ex: The totalitarian country was ruled by a dictator who made sure that each and every command was obeyed and carried out meticulously.
  7. Vice (n)
    • 1. Immoral behaviour that one does when others are not present
    • Ex: The child's vice was condemned and he lost his cell phone for a week.
    • 2. A subsitute
  8. Parcel (v)
    • To divide into portions and then distribute
    • Ex: The company parcelled the remnants of their supplies of computers, and waited for more to be delivered.
  9. Plainspoken (adj)
    • Outspoken; blunt, to the point
    • Ex: His plainspoken attitude caused others to see him as a person without a
  10. Autocracy (n)
    • 1. A government with total power
    • 2. A regime based on such a government
  11. Lieu(in lieu)
    • Instead
    • I wished for a car for Christmas; in lieu I received a matchbox plastic car.
  12. Witticism (n)
    • A witty remark
    • Ex: The boy with all the witticisms got in a lot of trouble in school for being fresh with the teachers.
  13. Insufferable (adj)
    • 1. Intolerable; unbearable
    • 2. Showing unbearable arrogance or conceit
  14. Conversely (adj)
    Introducing a statement that is contrary to a previous one
  15. Restive (adj)
    • 1. Unable to keep still or silent and becoming increasingly dificult to control
    • 2. Refusing to advance, stubbornly standing still, or moving sideways oir backwards
  16. Freewheel (v)
    To ride a bike without pedalling
  17. Spruce (v)
    To make a person look smarter or neater
  18. Devoutly (adj)
    In a devout and pious manner
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