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  1. Nomenclature 
    • The act or process or an instance of naming
    • a system or set of terms or symbols especially in a particular science, disipline, or act 
  2. The chiropractor's adjuster
    • 1910
    • D.D. Palmer
  3. Profession
    • High level of responsbility to client
    • intimate relationship with client
    • central area of interest&practice objective 
  4. chiropractic central area of interest 
  5. "Learned" Professons
    Healing arts,  Law, Ministry , Educators  
  6. The Healing Professions
    • Medicine- Traditional western
    • Eastern- non-tradional to the western world 
    • CAMS- Complimentary and alternative medical studies
  7. Ancillary/Auxiallry/ Allied Professions
    • Dependent on Physician direction
    • Bachelor degree level education 
    • expanded scope of practice 
  8. Allied/Ancillary Health Professions 
    • Having or being in close assosiation   
    • Occupational therapists and assistance
    • Athletic trainers / physical therapists and assistants
  9. Limited professions
    • Limited license practitioners 
    • restrict practices to part of the human body 
    • Primary Health Care Professions can except patients without referral 
  10. Unlimited 
    unlimited in responsibility and authority with regards to anatomy, conditions adressed, or scope of practice in caring for their patients 
  11. Marginal Professions
    • Claim to use nearly all therapies except drugs and surgery for a broad range of illnesses 
    • offer a different or better service than MDs
  12. Quasi Profesions
    • Methods not validated 
    • "Faith Healers"
  13. Preffered temr for spinal lesion treated by chiropractors through ADJUSTMENT/ MANIPULATION
    Subluxation 53%
  14. Word selected for primary therapeutic procedure
  15. DC perception
    • Offer maintenance/wellness care
    • adjustment not limited to musculoskeletal conditions
    • vertebral subluxation complex should be retained
    • nutritional advice
    • exercise recommendations
  16. first chiropractic adjustment
    • Patient: Harvey Lillard
    • 1895
  17. DD opened Palmer 
  18. 1910
    • D.D published " the chiropractor's adjuster" 
    • BJ introduced xrays to PSC
  19. 1941
    First standards for accrediting chiropractic schools
  20. 1913
    Kansas is first state to license chiropractors 
  21. 1974
    Louisianna last to pass License Law
  22. Chiropractic is a single, simple, seperate and distinct principle , practice, and profession: and so long as it retains and protects that individuality, it will survive
  23. Mr. Seely, Grove Park Inn
    • BJ's picture is hanging 
    • was given 2 free suits
  24. Service offered by chiropractors
    subluxation focused 
  25. Discription of the Profession needs
    • honest impression of services
    • licence/ regulating board 
    • maintains "competence" ofprivate practitioners 
  26. Chiropractic 
    A philiosopy, science, and art  of things natural; a system of adjusting the segments of the spinal column by hand only , for the correction of the cause of disease 
  27. 3 legged stool
    • philiosopy
    • science
    • art
  28. philiosophy what is it?
    • literally, love of wisdom
    • study of the laws and causes underlying reality leading to an understanding of its fundamental nature
  29. philiosopy
    • asks the question why?
    • judges the value/ worth of our actions
    • justifies the value of our actions
    • synthetic process
    • raises questions explored by scientific method 
  30. "mother of Sciences"
    value= whatever enhances you survival/expression of self 
  31. core philiosopy
    Logic, Spistemology, metaphysics, value theory 
  32. Logic
    Priniciples of correct or reliable inference
  33. epistemology
    the theory of knowledge itself
  34. metaphysics
    • existence
    • reality
    • causality
    • freedom
  35. Value theory
    • asthetics
    • ethics
    • political
  36. Philoscophic methodology
    • works through deductive reasoning 
    • "to pull out of"
  37. The syllogism
    • major premise
    • minor premise
    • logical conclusion
  38. Induction
    • inductive reasoning
    • draw conclusions about the whole from knowledge of the parts
    • scientific reasoning 
    • informal and formal
  39. Formal Iduction
    • Controlled experiment
    • specific question 
    • specific data collected
    • specific logic applied
  40. grays anatomy
    Nervous system include CNS  PNS sensory organs  nerves , and control the other organs and structures
  41. Deductive reasoning strengths 
    • reason beyond our esperience
    • 100% certanty of conclusions
    • confidence in our conclusion 
  42. limitations of deductive reasoning 
    • quality of assumptions
    • quality of the logic (valid?)
    • deduction is not self tested 
  43. Palmer Philiosophers
    • Galen Price
    • R W Stephenson
    • virgil Strang
    • Victor Strang 
    • David Koch
  44. chiropracti adjustment makes it possible for nature to cure all dieases
    Dr. S. M. Langworthy 
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