Humanities Ch 17

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    • Goya, Los Caprichos
    • Romantic
    • Artist's nightmares reflects his view of Spanish society
    • Heade, Newburyport Meadows
    • Luminist
    • Known for his Luminist paintings
    • Goya, Saturn Devouring One of His Sons
    • Romantic
    • Symbolizes his fear of death
    • Goya, The Third of May, 1808 
    • Romantic
    • One of the first paintings to show the horrors of war from different perspective
    • Gericault, Raft of the Medusa 
    • Romantic
    • For political reasons to show curruption of the government
    • Cole, Genessee Scenery
    • Romantic
    • Showed how nature over powered man with how small the people are
    • Courbet, The Studio
    • Realist
    • Led the realsit movement
    • Ingres, Jupiter and Thetis
    • Neo-classical
    • Against romanticism, but romatntic themes still in paintings
    • Daumier, The Legislative Belly
    • Realsim
    • Shows corrupt government
    • Turner, The Slave Ship
    • Romantic
    • Shows nature over powering man
    • Friedrich, Cloister Graveyard in the Snow
    • Romantic
    • Nature vs Civilization
    • Constable, Hay Wain
    • Romantic
    • Typical English romantic painting, domestic scene
    • Cole, The Ox Bow
    • Romantic
    • Shows how nature is over powering by tiny people
    • Heade, Lake George
    • Luminist
    • Known for his luminist paintings
    • Homer, Eagle Head, Manchester, Massachusetts
    • Romantic
    • Women's legs being shown shocking for the time period
    • Trioson, The Entombment of Atala 
    • Romantic
    • Lots of religous symbolism, serveal crosses
    • Friedrich, Abbey in Oak Forest
    • Romantic
    • Shows nature reclaiming its place
    • Turner, Fisherman at Sea 
    • Romantic
    • Shows natures power over man
    • David, Battle of the Romans and the Sabines
    • Neo-classcial
    • Showed that he didn't want anymore fighting after French Revolution
    • Garnier, The Paris Opera House
    • Neo-baroque
    • Used many different styles on the exterior and symetrical plan layout
    • Eakins, The Swimming Hole
    • Realist
    • Fasinaed with human anatomy

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