Chpt 16 science vocab

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  1. Molecule
    • neutral particle formed when atoms share electrons
  2. Nucleus
    • center fo the atom that contains the protons and neutrons
  3. Subscript
    • A number that is written  a little below of text. Shows the number of particular element in a chemical formula.
  4. coefficient
    The number in front of some chemical formulas. An example  would be the 3 in 3 NaCl
  5. Compound
    • Pure substance contining 2 or more elements that are chemically bounded.
  6. chemical formula
    • shows the kind and number of ataoms in a formula
  7. electron cloud
    space around the nucleus where electrons can be found
  8. electron dot diagram
    • symbol for the element surrounded by as many dots as there are electrons in its outer level
  9. energy levels
    • different areas in the electron cloud where an electron can be found
  10. Ion
    • an atom that is no longer neutral because it has gained or lost an electron
  11. chemical bond
    force that holds two atoms together
  12. covalent bonds
    • when atoms share electrons
  13. double bond
    • when 2 pairs of electrons are involved in a covalent bond
  14. ionic bond
    • Attraction which holds ions close together.  Bond where electrons are gained or lost
  15. Metallic Bonds
    WHen metal atoms share their pooled neutrons
  16. Polar Bond
    Bond in which electrons are shared unevenly
  17. Triple bond
    • When 3 pairs of electrons are shared by 2 atoms
  18. Valence Electrons
    • The electrons in the outer energy level. The electrons that determine how elements react
  19. Polar Molecule
    Molecule where electrons are shared unevenly
  20. Nonpolar Molecular
    Molecule where electrons are shared evenly

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Chpt 16 science vocab
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Chapter 16 vocab
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