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  1. Which food group is the main source of energy?
  2. What are the two types of carbohydrate?
    Simple and Complex
  3. What do simple carbohydrates consist of?
    Sugars and glucose
  4. What do complex carbohydrates consist of?
    Foods such as bread, pasta and rice
  5. How much of an athletes diet should consist of complex carbohydrates?
    About 60%
  6. What kind of energy is provided by carbohydrates?
    Slow release energy
  7. Where can you find unsaturated fats?
    • Meat
    • Cheese
    • Butter
  8. Why do we need unsaturated fats?
    • Needed for energy.
    • (Saturated fats are not good for you)
  9. What does our body need protien for?
    • Building muscles
    • Repairing tissues
    • Protiens are also a source of energy
  10. Which foods contain Protien?
    • Animal products - meat, fish, milk, eggs
    • Plant foods - cereals, nuts, lentils
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  11. Which foods contain vitamins?
    A variety of foods such as fruit and vegetablesImage Upload
  12. Why do we need vitamins?
    To help the body to function normally and to help with concentration
  13. What to minerals help with?
    • Release energy from food
    • Prevent fatigue
  14. Which foods contain minerals?
    • Fruit
    • Vegetables
    • Fish
  15. Why do we need fibre?
    • To help the digestive system
    • Can help with weight control
  16. Where can we find fibre?
    • In cereals and wholemeal bread.
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  17. Why should we drink water?
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    It is essential to prevent dehydration.
  18. What is obesity?
    • Being extremely overweight - caused by poor diet (consuming to much energy) and lack of excercise.
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  19. What is anorexia?
    • An eating disorder related to an individual starving themselves of food because of a fear od gaining weight.
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  20. What is carbo loading?
    Eating lots of complex carbohydrates e.g. rice and pasta, the week before an event. This is stored to supply slow release energy.
  21. What kind of athletes would use carbo loading?
    Endurance athletes
  22. What would a weight lifters/ body builders diet be high in? Why?
    High in Protien to help with growth and repair.
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