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  1. The pancreas is divided up into the head, body, and tail. which part lies against the C shape of the duodenum
  2. Where do cancers tend to arise within the pancreas
    2/3 occur in the head
  3. ____% of all cancer diagnosed in the us annually are pancreatic
  4. Pancreatic ca has a high mortality rate and is more common in which gender
  5. Pancreatic ca is rare in persons of what age____ and most commin in which age group
    • 40
    • 50-80
  6. Smokers have a ___ times higher risk to get pancreatic ca
  7. Some risks that induce pancreatic CA
    • chronic pancreatitis
    • exposure to chemicals
    • obesity
    • diets high in fat
    • diabetes
  8. The pancreas sits at about the level of ___ which 6 nodes surround it?
    • L1-L2
    • superior and inferior pancreaticodueodenal
    • porta hepatis
    • suprapancreatic
    • para-aortic
    • splenic hilar nodes
  9. What are symptoms of pancreatic ca
    • Jaundice
    • abdominal pain
    • anorexia
    • weight loss
    • ulceration of bowel
    • bloating
  10. what % of pancreatic cancer pathology is adenocarcinoma
  11. Which staging is used for pancreatic ca and which stage is usually confined to the pancreas and considered resectable"
    • TNM
    • T1-3
  12. In pancreatic ca more than ___% of patients have distant mets at time of diagnosis
  13. What is the route of spread for pancreatic ca for direct extension
    stomach, duodenum, and colon
  14. What is the route of spread in pancreatic ca spread of lymphnodes
    • superior and inferior pancreaticoduodenal
    • porta hepatis
    • suprapancreatic
    • para-aortic
    • splenic hilar
    • celiac axis
  15. Where in the blood does pancreatic ca spread
    • #1 LIVER
    • lung
  16. Does pancreatic ca do the perontineal spread
  17. Which surgery is the treatment of choice for pancreatic ca
  18. Which chemo drugs are used for pancreatic ca
    • 5 FU
    • gemcitabine
    • cisplatin
  19. What is the external beam dose for pancreatic ca
    4500-5000 cGy
  20. What is the IORT dose for pancreatic ca
    1000-2000 cGy single fraction
  21. What is the 5 year survival rate for pancreatic ca
    < 10%
  22. How do you simulate a patient to treat for pancreatic ca
    • supine, arms overhead
    • contrast for bowel and kidney enhancement
  23. What is the treatment fields for pancreatic ca
    • 4 field technique
    • AP/PA- T10-T11 to L1, width include duodenal loop and cross midline
    • Laterals- 2cm anterior to tumor and posterior 1.5 cm behind anterior vetebral body
    • IMRT
  24. What are the critical organs and their doses assoc with pancreatic ca (5)
    • kidneys 1800-2300
    • liver 2500-3500
    • small bowel 4500
    • cord 4500
    • stomach 5000
  25. What are the side effects of radiation therapy for pancreatic ca
    • N&V
    • leukopenia
    • thrombocytopenia
    • diarrhea
    • stomatitis
    • renal failure

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