English Vocabulary

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  1. Octogenarian
    a person in his or her 80s
  2. Concession
    Something one concedes or gives up
  3. Perennial
    returning seasonally; ongoing
  4. Revival
    a church meeting often for the purpose of reawakening religious faith
  5. Serenely
    calmly, peacefully, or tranquilly
  6. Swarthy
    Dark complexioned
  7. Perpetuated
    continued indefinitely
  8. Semantics
    study of relationship between words and their meanings
  9. Vindicated
    cleared from suspicion or guilt
  10. Chastening
  11. Inherent
    essential, innate
  12. Conciliatory
    appeasing, forgiving
  13. Delve
    to carry on intensive and thorough research
  14. Damper
    a person or thing that depresses
  15. Tinged
    tainted, hued, or suggesting a color, feeling or idea
  16. Voyeuristic
    having a sense of watching others without them knowing
  17. Innovative
    tending to innovate or characterized by innovation
  18. Rationale
    the fundamental reason serving to account for something
  19. Solicit
    to seek or ask for
  20. Diminished
    weakened, reduced
  21. Incompetence
    lack of necessary ability
  22. Aficionados
    enthusiastic admirers or followers
  23. Mediocrity
    average to below average ability
  24. Fluent
    flowing smoothly or gracefully; most often used to describe those who speak and write foreign languages well
  25. Docility
    meekness, obedience
  26. Inherent
    basic intrinsic
  27. Ingenious
  28. Dispel
  29. Pliable
    easily bent, supple
  30. Emaciation
    wasted or depleted condition
  31. Prospective
    potential viable
  32. Chivalry
    social behavior reflecting that idealized by medieval knights, i.e. politeness, honor, self-sacrifice
  33. Embodied
    an abstraction made concrete
  34. Tenacity
    the quality of holding on for a long time
  35. Indomitable
    unbeatable, unable to be dominated
  36. Trifling
    being of small value or importance
  37. Wrought
    fashioned or made, usually with great care
  38. Palpably
    obviously, easily perceived
  39. Odyssey
    a long and complicated journey
  40. Inanimate
    lifeless, inorganic
  41. Indelibly
    makeing marks that cannot be erased
  42. Nostalgia
    a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to former time in one's life
  43. Buoyant
    tending to float in a fluid
  44. Ubiquitous
    seeming to be present everywhere
  45. Beckoned
    called or summoned by a slight gesture
  46. Prospered
    thrived, flourished
  47. Commodity
    an artice bought or sold
  48. Toilsome
    laborious or fatiguing
  49. Droning
    talking in a boring voice
  50. Ominous
    threatening, sinister, menacing
  51. Narcissistic
    characterized by excesive love to self
  52. Enunciating
  53. Disposition
  54. Unwieldy
    hard to manage
  55. Dicey
  56. Errant
    wandering from regular course
  57. Taut
    tight, tense
  58. Perilous
  59. Skittish
    easily frightened
  60. Congenial
    friendly, compatible
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