Science - Unit 6

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  1. B. to connect the components
  2. I.
  3. B. Bulbs B and C will stop shining
  4. H. Nothing happened because there was no source of electrical energy in the circuit.
  5. A. Nail
  6. H. The circuit is changed so that the wires do not make a complete loop.
  7. C. to insulate people or objects from the electric current in the wire
  8. G. Y and Z
  9. D. silver, bronze, and glass
  10. G. electrical energy into sound energy
  11. Insulator
  12. Conductor
  13. Open
  14. Closed
  15. Series Circuit
  16. Parallel Circuit
    • 1. insulator
    • 2. conductor
    • 3. open
    • 4. closed
    • 5. series circuit
    • 6. parallel circuit
  17. In some circuits, electrical energy is transformed into light energy by a what?
  18. The wires in a circuit are made of a material that is a what?
  19. A path that electricity can follow is what?
    An electric circuit.
  20. A circuit in which electric charges can follow several different paths is called what?
    It is a parallel circuit.
  21. If a wire is disconnected, what kind of a circuit is it?
    An open circuit
  22. What is the covering on electric plugs and around wires made of?
    It is made of an insulator.
  23. What do you call a circuit in which all the devices are connected in a single path?
    It is a Series Circuit.
  24. When a light is on, it is a part of what circuit?
    It is a part of a closed circuit.
  25. What is a series circuit?
    An electric circuit in which the electric charges have only one path to follow.
  26. What is a parallel circuit?
    An electric circuit that has more than one path for the electric charges to follow.
  27. What is a material that resists the flow of electric charge?
    It is an insulator.
  28. What is a material that readily allows electric charges to pass through?
    It is a conductor.
  29. What is an electric circuit?
    It is a path along which electric charges can flow.
  30. For an electrical device to work, the circuit must form a complete loop. What is this called?
    A closed circuit.
  31. If a loose wire gets disconnected, the path is broken and charges cannot get through. What is this called?
    This circuit is an open circuit.
  32. What is a series circuit?
    It has only one path for electric charges to follow.

    if any part of the path breaks, the circuit is open.
  33. What is a parallel circuit?
    It is a circuit with several different paths for the charges to follow.

    If one part of the circuit breaks, the charges can still flow along the other parts.
  34. What is a circuit overload?
    It occurs when too many devices in a circuit are turned on.

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