Ch 14 + Test Two

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  1. James Cooke's Voyages
    • demonstrate the expansion of power/wealth in europe
    • scientific colonizing voyages
    • search for knowledge/unknown
  2. Ottoman Tulip Period
    • tulips became a fascination of the sultans 
    • symbol for widespread delights in things of this world
    • decorated and held festivals in honor of the tulip
  3. King's book of Kings
    illustrated book which became the example of the safavid artists' talent in illustration
  4. akbarnamah
    book/compilation writte by Akbar's advisor which tells about akbar and early Mughal history
  5. Center of Cultural Life in Islamic World
    • Istanbul, Cairo, Isfahan, Delhi
    • looked east instead of west bc they didnt think europeans had much to offer intellectually
  6. Shah Jahan and Mumtaz
    descendant of akbar and ruler who created taj mahal to honor wife Mumtaz
  7. Bacon
    creator of the scientific method
  8. galileo
    earth revolves around sun
  9. Newtown
    laws of motion/gravitation
  10. copernicus
  11. Rousseau
    • government is the expression of generl will and people could withdraw their support if the government violates this social contract
    • man is born good and society corrupts him
  12. John locke
    claimed that man was born a clean slate and acquired his ideas as a result of experience
  13. Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations
    explained laws of economic relations in his book
  14. Captain Cooke's Acheivement
    • Explored Tahiti, NZ, Australia, Hawaii
    • 3,000 drawings of pacific plants, birds, landscapes, and people
    • brought back animals
  15. Opium 
    • came from India sold by British
    • Lin Zexu confiscated lots of opium and arrested opium dealers to try to outlaw it
  16. Treaty of Nanjing
    • China forced to open its ports to England "without molestation or restraint"
    • Hong Kong possessed by Victoria
    • China to pay British $20million
  17. Kepler
    laws for planetary motion
  18. Descartes
    mathematician who created Cartesian plane
  19. Effects of Industrialization on way of life
    • factory labor
    • people moving from farm to city
    • disrupted family unit
    • long hours
    • etc
  20. India's Sepoy Rebellion
    • Trying to Europeanize Indians
    • Dalhousie's Doctrine of Lapse: annexed territories of indian princes who were unproductive
    • Coating bullet cartridges with animal fat: against religion
  21. Sati
    • Hindu practice where widow burns to death on husband's grave
    • honorable alternative to living as a widow
  22. Outlawing Sati
    • Reasons to outlaw:
    • Is it voluntary or coerced?
    • Is it taught in Hindu Scriptures?
    • Is it foreign gov't's place to intervene?
    • Outlawed Because:
    • Indian reformers wanted it
    • Anti-Sati in england
    • thought they could outlaw without rebellion
  23. Queen Victoria/Albert
    proclamation guaranteeing religious toleration, promising improvements, allowing indians to serve in government
  24. Theories of Nationalism
    • Liah Greenfield/Envy: Envy causes us to borrow from other nations unconsciously
    • Benedict Anderson/Imagined Communities: nations are not real, they are imagined into existence
    • Ernest Gellner/Industrialization: industrialization leads to nationalism
    • Parth Chattery/Anti-colonialsm: stress cultural differences from ruling power
    • Eric Hobsbawn/Invention of Tradition: traditions become more important once they're recognized as tradition
  25. Colonization in Africa
    • Kenya: british colonized but no assimilation. Great rift valley replaced the kikuyu tribe
    • South Africa: intiially dutch (afrikaners) then british forced them out. Dutch went inland, found lots of diamonds so british pushed them further
    • Nigeria: colonized by french who tried for assimilation.  North was muslims south was christians
  26. Responses to colonialism
    • assimilation
    • resistance
    • selective appropriation: picking what to embrace and what to reject
  27. Culture Factors of Foodbinding
    • men believed it was beautiful
    • happened to oldest daughter cause she would never need to work/use her feet
    • myth about empress who had tiny feet was an inspiration
    • confucianism led to female chastity
    • mother daughter bond
    • abolished because it did not lead to equality
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