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  1. What percent of plasma is water ?
  2. If a blood sample was placed into a centrifuge , how would the layers look?
    • Top layer - Plasma
    • Middle layer- Buffy Coat
    • Bottom layer -Blood Cells
  3. What does plasma contain ?
    water , proteins , sugar , vitamins , amino acids , ions , and hormones
  4. What are the three different types of cells you will find in plasma ?
    • Erythorcytes -Blood cells
    • Leukocytes -White blood cells
    • Thrombocytes -Platelets 
  5. What do erythrocytes do?
    They exchange gases and carry them throughout the body.
  6. What do leukocytes do ?
    They destroy and protect the body against foreign material and organisms.
  7. What do platelets do ?
    They form holes over cells and make clots.
  8. What protein acts as a blood buffer ?
  9. What is globulin ?
    a blood protein that can transfer hormones.
  10. What makes up the buffy coat?
    Platlets and leukocytes
  11. What are the three types of granulocytes ?
    • Neutrophils
    • Eosinophils
    • Basophils
  12. What are the two agranulocytes ?
    • Lymphocytes 
    • Monocytes
  13. What is diopedesis ?
    WBC's crossing th capillary membrane into interstitial fluid
  14. What make up a blood clot ?
    • platelets 
    • clotting factors
    • fibrin
    • other cells erythrocytes , leukocytes , etc.
  15. What is hemostasis ?
    The process of blood clotting.
  16. What is platelet adhesion ?
    It is when the platelets are signaled by a tissue factor to plug an incision.
  17. what is platelet aggregation ?
    this is when the platelets begin attaching ,change formation , and release a chemical to signal more platelets.
  18. What is an "activiated platelet" ?
    it is a platelet that has attached to a site and is now releasing chemicals.
  19. Explain hemostasis ?
    The platelets stick to the incision and change there shape to release a chemical that signals more platelets and keeps the vessel constricted.

    Tissue factor is released signaling clotting factors

    Clotting factros create fibrin then starts the process of Coagulation !
  20. what is coagulation ?
    It is the clotting of the blood
  21. what are coagulation inhibitors ?
    these are factors that keep the clot form getting to big.
  22. what is fibrinolysis ?
    this is the process where fibrin is cut up to keep the clot controlled.
  23. What does plasminogen do ?
    it is realesd from the vessels and dissolves the fibrin
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