Misc. Words Isee 12

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  1. Coup (n)
    • 1. A notable or succesful stroke or move
    • 2. A sudden and violent seizure of power from a government
  2. Bondage (n)
    • 1. The state of being a slave
    • 2. The state of being greatly constrained by circumstances or obligations
  3. Aerodrome (n)
    A small ariport or airfield
  4. Invariably (adj)
    • In every occasion or on every case; always
    • Ex: No matter under what circumstances, the mailman is supposed to be invariably delivering the mail.
  5. Despondent (adj)
    • low in spirits from loss of hope or courage
    • Ex: The battered army was very despondent on the way home.
  6. Didactic (adj)
    Intended to teach a lesson or give a homily
  7. Incisive (adj)
    Impressively direct and decisive
  8. Irreverent (adj)
    • Impudent, not showing respect that is due
    • Ex: The irreverent child earned many a homily from parents and teachers alike.
  9. Consternation (n)
    Amazement, alarm, or dissapointment that makes one feel dismayed
  10. Convivial (adj)
    With life; lively, vivacious
  11. Moot (adj)
    Not relevant
  12. Preclivity (n)
    Predilection, tendency towards something, an inclination
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