skeletal movement

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  1. flexion
    movement that decreases joint angle, usually in the saggital plane
  2. extension
    movement that straightens a joint & generally returns a body part to zero position
  3. cirumduction
    one end of an extremity remains fairly stationary while the other end makes a circular motion
  4. dorsiflexion
    movement in which the toes are elevated
  5. plantar flexion
    movement of the foot so the toes point downward
  6. abduction
    movement of a body part away from the midline of the body
  7. adduction
    movement of a body part back towards the midline
  8. inversion
    foot movement that tips the soles medially
  9. eversion
    tips the soles laterally
  10. protraction
    anterior movement of a body part
  11. retraction
    posterior movement of a body part
  12. rotation
    movement in which a bone rotates on its longitudinal axis
  13. supination
    movement that turns the palm to face anteriorly or upward
  14. pronation
    movement that turns the palm to face anteriorly or upward
  15. elevation
    movement in a superior direction
  16. depression
    movement in an inferior direction

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skeletal movement
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skeletal movement

skeletal movement
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