Medical language

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    • Which languages are medical words derived from?
    • Latin, Greek, French and Dutch
  1. What are the parts of a medical word?
    Prefix, combining form and suffix.
  2. What does CPR mean?
    Computerized Patient Record.
  3. What is pneumonitis?
    Inflammation or infection of the lung.
  4. What does Hipa stand for and do?
    • Health
    • Insurance
    • Portability
    • Accountability
    • 1996 all health care settings must provide patients with a statement verifying that their medical record information is secure and is released only to authorizes health care providers,insurance companies or health care monitoring organizations.
  5. What are soap notes?
    • Standard headings in admissions and discharge documents
    • CC Chief Complaint
    • Subjective
    • ..... On set
    • ..... Duration
    • .....character
    • .....radiation
    • .....frequency
    • .....symptoms
    • Objective..... Physical findings
    • Accessment..... Potential of what caused it.
    • Procedures..... Plan of care.
  6. What is the foundation of a medical word?
    Combining form.
  7. What is -graphy?
    Process of recording
  8. What is -pre?
  9. What is -Peri ?
  10. What is -post?
    Before or in front of
  11. What is - poly?
    Many or much
  12. What is HPI?
    • History of
    • Present
    • Illness
  13. What is CC?
    Chief Complaint
  14. What is ROS?
    Review of systems
  15. What is -path?
    Disease or suffering
  16. What is peritonsillar?
    Around the tonsil.
  17. What are the parts of a combining form?
    Root. Slash. Vowel. Hyphen.
  18. What part gives a medical word its meaning?
    Combining form
  19. What is the plural form of diverticulum?
    • Diverticula
    • When a Latin singular noun ends in - um, form the plural by changing -um to -a.
  20. What does pneumon/o mean?
  21. What is the plural of apex?
    • Apices
    • When a Latin singular ends in -ex, form the plural by changing -ex to - ices.
  22. What is mast/o?
  23. What does -um change to in plural form?
  24. What is -iatry?
    Medical treatment
  25. What is -itian?
    A skilled profession.
  26. What is -logy?
    Study of
  27. What is -hyper?
    Below average
  28. What is -hypo?
    Above average
  29. What is inter-?
  30. What is intra-?
  31. What skills involve relaying the medical language?
    • Reading
    • Listening
    • Thinking analyzing understanding
    • Writing typing spelling
    • Speaking and pronouncing
  32. Psychiatry
    • Psych is the mind
    • -iatry is medical treatment.
  33. Pneumonia
    Infection and fluid in the lungs.
  34. Intravenous
    In the vein
  35. Mammography

    -graphy... Process of recording.
  36. Hemiplegia
    • Hemi- meaning one half.
    • Paralysis of one side of the body.
  37. Neurology
    • Neuro nerves
    • -ology study of.
  38. Dermatologist
  39. Larynx
    Voice box
  40. Pericardial
    Around the heart
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