Metal-Forging Processes

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  1. A basic process in which the workpiece is shaped by compressive forces applied through various dies and tooling.
  2. The simplest forging operation; can be depicted by a solid workpiece placed between two flat dies and reducted in height by compressing it
    Open-die forging
  3. Caused primarily by frictional forces that oppose the outward flow of the workpiece at the die interfaces and can be minimized by using an effective lubricant
  4. An open-die forging operation in which the thickness of a bar is reduced by succcessive forging steps at specific interals.
  5. A forging process in which the workpiece thakes the shape of the die cavity while being forged between two shape dies. Usually carried out at elevated temperatures to lower the required forces and attain enhanced ductility
    Impression-die forging
  6. A forging process, which, in its true form, flash does not form and the workpiece completely fills the die cavity.
    Closed-die forging
  7. Necessary in almost all forging dies in order to facillitate removal of the part from the dies. Upon cooling, the forging shrinks both radially and longitudinally, so " " are made larger than external ones.
    Draft angles
  8. A type of rotary forging in which a solid rod or a tube is reduced in diameter by the reciprocating radial movement of a set of two or four dies. The process is suitable for producting short or long lengths of bar or tubing with various internal or external profiles
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