Module 3

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  1. What is Asepsis?
    The freedom from disease- causing microorganisms.
  2. A _____ _____ is limited to the specific part of the body where the microorgaisms remain.
    Local infection
  3. What is systemic infection?
    The microorganisms spread and damage different parts of the body.
  4. How are mircoorganisms transmitted?
    • 1. Direct transmission
    • 2. Indirect transmission
    • 3. Airborne transmission
  5. What are the five signs  that characterize Inflammation?
    • 1. pain
    • 2. swelling
    • 3. redness
    • 4. heat
    • 5. impaired function of the part, if the injury is severe
  6. What are the normal ranges of a leukocyte count in the bloodstream?
    • 4,500 to 11,000 per cubic millimeter of blood.
    • When inflammation occurs leukocyte in the blood can rise to 20,000
  7. The signs of a systemic infection are:
    Fever, increased pulse and respiratory rate if the fever is high, malaise and loss of energy, anorexia and nausea and vomiting, enlargement and tenderness of lymph nodes that drain the area of infection
  8. Isolation refers to what?
    The measures disigned to prevent the spread of infections of potentially infectious microorganisms to health personnel, clients and visitors.
  9. What are Standard Precautions in Hospitals?
    • Perform proper hand Hygiene
    • Wear clean gloves when touching body fluids
    • Wear a mask or face shield if splashes are expected
    • Wear a clean nonsterile gown if care is likely to result in sprays of fluids
  10. What are Airborne Precautions?
    • Place client in a private room that has negative air pressure
    • If a private room is not available, place client with another client who is infected with the same microorganism
    • Wear a Respiratory device (N95 respirator) when entering the room
    • Susceptible people should not enter the room of a client who has Measles or Varicella
    • Limit movement of client outside the room to essential purposes.
    • Place a surgical mask on the client during transport
  11. What are Droplet Precautions?
    • Place client in private room
    • If room is not available, place client with another client who is infected with the same microorganism
    • Wear gloves as described in standard precautions
    • Wear a gown when entering a room if there is a possibility of contact with infected surfaces or items
    • limit movenent of client outside the room
    • Dedicate the use of noncritical client care equipment to a single client or to clients with the same infecting microorganisms.
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