Lab test #2

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  1. Define Tissue
    A group of similar cells that usually have a common embryonic origin and function to carry out specialized activities
  2. What are the four types of tissue?
    • 1. Epithelial Tissue
    • 2. Connective Tissue
    • 3.Muscle Tissue
    • 4. Nervous Tissue
  3. What are the two functions of Epithelial Tissue
    • 1. Covers body surfaces
    •               a) organs, cavities and ducts

    2. Forms glands
  4. What are the 3 functions of Connective Tissue
    1. Protects, supports and holds body together

    2. Stores energy and minerals

    3. Immunity
  5. What is the function of muscle tissue and what are the 3 types
    1. It facilitates physical movement

    • 2. 3 types
    •        1. Skeletal Muscle
    •        2. Cardiac Muscle
    •        3. Smooth Muscle
  6. What are the 3 functions of nervous tissue
    • 1. Detects, monitors and responds to stimuli
    • 2. Produces action potential
    • 3. Creates responsivess
  7. What are the characteristics of epithelial tissue?
    • A. Closely packed cells held tightly together
    •        1. tight junctions between cells
    •        2. little extracellular "stuff"
    • B. Arranged in sheets
    •        1 Can be
    •               a. single layer
    •               b. multiple layers
  8. What are the organizations of epithelial tissue
    • A. two characteristics
    •      1. cell shapes (3 shapes)
    •           a. flat-squamos
    •           b. cube shaped-cuboidal
    •           c. column like-columnar
    •           d. transitional -can change shape
    •      2. layers of cells (3 basic systems)
    •           a. single layer-simple
    •           b. multi-layered-stratified
    •           c. looks multi-layered but its not- peudostratified
  9. Name the two characteristics of connective tissue
    A. Most abundant tissue in the body

    • B. Consists of two elements
    •      1. Cells
    •                 a. few of them
    •                 b. several kinds
    •     2. Matrix 
    •                a. makes up mos of tissue
  10. What is the definition of Fontanel?
    Space between skull bones at birth, filled with connective tissue
  11. What is a foramen?
    An opening though which blood vessels, nerves or ligaments pass through
  12. What is a fossa?
    A fossa is a trench, shallow depressions in or on a bone
  13. What is a meatus?
    A meatus is a passageway- a channel though bone
  14. What are the two processes that form joints? (articulation)
    1. Condyle-large knucle-like process at the end of the bone

    2. Head-rounded end of a bone
  15. What are the two procesess to which tendons, ligaments and other connective tissue attach?
    1. Spinous Process-spince

    2. Tuberosity-large rounded, roughened process
  16. what are the 3 different types of connective tissue?
    1. Ligaments-connective tissue that holds two bones together

    2. Tendon-connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone

    3. Cartilage-rubbery-like substance that cover the ends of bones forming a joint, it provides cushioing and reduces friction that would destroy the bone.
  17. What are the two division of human skeletal system?
    1. Axial skeleton-has 80 bones

    2. Appendicular skeleton- has 126 bones
  18. What type of tissue is this?

    Image Upload
    Areolar Connective tissue
  19. What type of tissue is this?
    Image Upload
    Adiopose Connective tissue
  20. What type of tissue is this?
    Image Upload
    This is Hyaline connective tissue
  21. What type of tissue is this?
    Image Upload
    This is Bone connective tissue
  22. What type of tissue is this?
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    This is Dense regular connective tissue
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