O2B Migraines

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  1. What is a migraine?
    • moderate to severe headache, proceded by period of depression, irritability, restlessness or anorexia
    • associated with auras
  2. How long does a migraine last?
  3. What is an aura?
    a transient visual, sensory, language, or motor disturbance or language which signals that the headache will soon occur
  4. How long does an aura last?
    1 hr
  5. What is important about an aura?
    • always precedes a HA
    • might be some delay in between <60min
  6. What is a migraine with an aura?
    • classical migraine
    • at least 2 epsiodes of migraine HA with aura with at least 3 of the following:
    • aura <60mins, HA within 60mins of aura, gradual aura development, or several aura in succession
  7. What is a migraine without an aura?
    • common migraine
    • A least 5 eps of HA, each lasting 4-72 hrs with 2 of the following:
    • aggravated physical activity, pulsatile, unilateral, mod-sever, photophobia, nausea/vomiting
  8. What is the prevalence of migraines?
    • 20% women
    • 10% men
  9. How do migraines change with age?
    stop/less frequent
  10. What are the phases of migraines?
    • Premonitory
    • Aura
    • Headache
    • Recovery
    • Postdome
  11. What is the premonitory phase?
    symptoms related to various organ systems
  12. What is the aura phase?
    sensory/motor disturbances
  13. What is the headache phase?
    uni/bilateral frequently associated with photophobia, nausea, vomiting, aversion to smells and sounds
  14. What is the recovery phase?
    often requires sleep/dark quiet room
  15. What is the postdrome phase?
    feelings of food intolerance, lack of energy, moodiness
  16. Which type of aura is more common?
    visual than motor
  17. How many of those with migraines will experience auras?
  18. What does a scintillating scotoma look like and how does it progress?
    starts in centre of VF, enlarges, horseshoe with border of zigzags
  19. How many will have a diagnosis of migraines?
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