Anatomy: Contents of Vertebral canal

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  1. What are the boundaries of the VC?
    • Anterior = Vertebral bodies, PLL and IV Discs
    • Laterally = Pedicles, facets
    • Posterior = laminae and ligamentum flavum
  2. What is the start and end points of the VC?
    • Start = Foramen magnum
    • End  = S4 (Sacral Hiatus)
  3. What is the end point of the spinal cord?
    L1, medulla cone
  4. What is the biggest enlargment of the spinal cord and where is it located?
    Cervical enlargment (C3-T1)
  5. where is the lumbar enlargment?
    • S C level L1-S3
    • V level T10-T12
  6. Where are pseudo unipolar neurons, bipolar, and mulit polar neurons located? 
    • Pseudo unipolar = dorsal root ganglion
    • Bipolar = Special sensory
    • Multipolar = everywhere else
  7. What are the three neural systems?
    • Motor system (travels down through spinal cord)
    • Upper motor neurons (controls LMN)
    • Lower motor neurons (control muscles)
  8. Where are primary sensory neurons and secondary sensory neurons located?
    • Primary = dorsal root ganglion
    • Secondary = dorsal horn
  9. How many bilaterally-paired spinal nerves are there?
  10. What is the superficial meninge of the spinal cord and what are the start and end points?
    • Dura mater
    • Starts at foramen magnus ends at S2 and is anchord to coccyx by external filum terminale
  11. Where is the arachnoid mater located?
    On the interior of the dura mater extending from foramen magnum to S2
  12. Where is the pia matter located? What are its specializations
    • innermost covering of the spinal cord
    • ends at L1 
    • has internal filum terminalis that anchors spinal cord and deticulate ligaments that anchor spinal cord to arachnoid mater
  13. Where is the epidural space located? and what does it contain?
    • Between the dura mater and the vertebral periosteum
    • Contains fatty tissue and venous plexuses
  14. Where is the sudural space? what does it contain?
    • between the dura mater and arachnoid mater
    • contains lubricating fluid
  15. Where is the subarachnoid space and what does it contain?
    • Between arachnoid matter and pia matter
    • Contains CSF
  16. What is the lumbar cistern? what does it contain?
    • The portion of the dural sac (subarachnoid space) between L1 and S2
    • It contains CSF, cauda equina, internal filum terminalis
  17. What is hydrocelphalus?
    Excess volume or pressure of CSF
  18. What does the anterior spinal artery innervate?
    • Both ventral roots 
    • accounts for 2/3 blood supply
  19. What do the posterior spinal arteries innervate?
    • each innervates the ipsilateral dorsal horn?
    • Each constitute 1/6 blood supply
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