Final exams

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  1. Present simple and continuous, action and non-action verbs
    Non action:

    like, want, be, agree,need, prefer, believe, belong, depend, forget, hate, hear, know, like, love, matter, mean, realize, recognize, seem, suppose.
  2. Vocabulary I
    Beans duck lettuce peaches prawns salmon sausages strawberries.

    Home-made, spicy, raw, frozen, takeaway, low-fat, fresh, sweet.

    Plate, fork, glass, salt and pepper, napkin, knife, spoon, starters, main courses, desserts, fried eggs, boiled rice, baked potatoes, grilled sausages, steamed vegetables, roast chicken, stew, steak, wholemeal.
  3. Past tense
    Past simple: i use always when are sentences for finished with last ago... for finishes past actions.

    Past continuous: was/were + vers+ -ing. Use the past continuous when you describes an action in progresss at a specific time in the past. (Say hour, date specific)

    Past perfect: had + past participle . Se usa Past P cuando se habla del pasado y tu quieres hablar acerca de como paso anteriormente la acción.
  4. Vocabulary II
    Players, fans, referee, spectators, coach, team, captain, stadium, sport hall, beat, win,lose, draw. 

    Tennis cout, football pitch, swimming pool, athletics, track, formula 1 circuit, golf course, ski slope.

    Warm up, train, get injured, get hit, score, go, play ,do.
  5. Future Forms
    • 1. be going to + infinitve.
    • Plans or arragment¬†

    • 2. pesent continuous: be + verb + -omg
    • futire and arragments.

    • 3. will. Se usa cuándo se toma una decisión al instante.
    • offers - Shall i turn off the A.C ?

    4. Predictions - be going to + inf / will-won't + inf
  6. Vocabulary III
    Great grandparents, an only child single parents, cousisn, in laws, extender family, great grand parents, half- brothers, stepmother, couples.

    Spoilt, competitive, selfish, aggressive, charming, sensible, sociable, manipulative, moody, independent, bossy, affectionate, reliable, snesitive, ambitious, jealous.

    Clever, stupid, lazy, hard-working, generous, mean, quiet, talkative, insecure, self.confident, shy, extrovert.

    Ambitious, friendly, honest, imaginative, kind, organized, patient, realiable, responsible, selfish, sensitive, sociable, tidy.
  7. Present Perfect and Past Simple
    Use the past simple when a specific time in the past is mentioned.

    - A question beginning with When... will normally be in the past simple.

    Use the present perfect for a past action where no specific time is mentioned or understood. e.g I've been to Paris twice.
  8. Vocabulary IV
    Spend, loan, afford, mall, broke, credit card, earn, greely, blow, mortgage.

    Inherited, save, borrowed, lent, waste, can't afford, charged, take out, cost, owe, invest, earn, be worth.

    Note, coin, salary, tax, loan, morgage, cash machine.
  9. Present perfect continuous.
    • The most important difference between present perfect and present perfect continuous is that with How long...? and for/since we normally use the continuous form/with action verbs e.g learn, go, play, do, wait.
    • And the simple form is used with non-action verbs. e.g be, have / (possess), know.
    • Two common verbs which can be used in either tense are live and work.
  10. Vocabulary 2B
    Tiny, delicious, furious, terrified, exhausted, boiling, starving, enormous, freezing, filthy, great, awful, thirsty.
  11. Comparative and Superlatives
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