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  1. Aspects to consider in treatment
    • 1.Social- a child needs a system that is useful in many environments and a system to be used at home
    • 2.Occupational- sound system deficits may become a barrier to social and professional opportunities.
    • 3.Cultural/Ethnic- the attitudes of peers, family and others are important to consider.
  2. Two Questions MUST be considered when considering the need for treatment:
    • 1.Is the sound system disorder a problem if the client, family, teacher or others do NOT perceive it as one even though the SLP does?
    • 2.Is there a problem when the client, family, teacher or others perceive is as a problem but the SLP does NOT assess it to be a disorder?
  3. Diagnostic Considerations
    • 1.Phonetic vs. Phonemic
    • 2.Delay vs. Deviant articulation
    • 3.Childhood Apraxia (Dyspraxia) of Speech (CAS)  vs. Dysarthria, Language Disorder, and Functional Articulatory Disorders.
  4. The assessment may lead to one of two diagnoses
    • 1.  normal articulation and phonological skills
    • 2.  disordered articulation and phonological skills
  5. Normal
    • The errors are related to second language acquisition.
    • Errors fall within the normal developmental range of mastery for a particular age group.
    • The errors are so slight that they would not call undue attention to the speaker or perceived as disordered by the average listener.
  6. Disordered
    • Describe the disorder
    • Types of errors
    • Active phonological processes
    • Type of disorder
    • Estimate of severity
    • Factors that may contribute to the disorder
  7. Diagnostic Statement
    Who:   (MaryBeth)

    Demonstrates what:  Describe the severity and nature of the disorder (has a mild sound system disorder)

     How do you know this to be true:   (characterized by distortions of the /s/ and /z/ phonemes in all positions of words as evidenced on the GFTA.  Her speech intelligibility was mildly affected. She was stimulable for both sounds in isolation.   
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