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  1. substance
    either an element or compound which can not be separated into another kind of matter using chemical or physical process.
  2. Mixture
    2 or more substances (either homologous or heterologous)
  3. Volume formula from Mass and Density
  4. Mass formula from volume and density
  5. Density
    Mass over volume D=M/V
  6. Diatomic molecule
    contains exactly 2 atoms (alike or dislike)
  7. 7 diatomic molecules:
    H, N, O, F, Cl, Br, I
  8. Molecule
    2 or more atoms with no charge
  9. Ion
    2 or more atoms with + or - charge
  10. cation
    + charged ion
  11. anion
    - charge ion
  12. subscript
    below the line (indicates # of molecules)
  13. Chemical properties
    the element/chemical's ability to react to form new substance.
  14. physical property
    physical existence (color, taste, odor state of matter)
  15. reactant
    substance undergoing chemical change to become the product
  16. law of conservation of mass
    The mass of the products equals the mass of the reactants.  In other words, no change is observed in the total mass of the substances involved in a chemical reaction.
  17. Energy
    capacity to do work
  18. potential energy
    stored energy
  19. kinetic energy
    energy possessed due to it's motion
  20. how is a calorie quantified?
    the quantity of energy required to heat H2O by 1 degree Celcius
  21. what is Delta (triangle here)
  22. what is specific heat?
    Quantity of heat needed to change the temperature of 1 gram of substance by 1 degree C.
  23. Chemical change defined:
    a new substance is formed that has different properties and composition from the original.
  24. Define physical change
    changes in size shape or density (boiling point, freezing point, melting point).
  25. Electrolysis defined:
    electricity passing through water
  26. Law of conservation of energy
    • energy can be neither created nor destroyed, though it can be transferred from one to another.
    • or
    • "energy can be transformed, but can not be created or destroyed."
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