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  1. another name for hot water heating is...
    hydronic heating
  2. natural circulation is caused by the force of
  3. the density of a substance usually increases as its temperature increases.. true or false
  4. heat applied to the lower part of a fluid will cause ...
  5. two cloumns of the same liquid are of equal height, but at different temperatures. the column with the higher temperature will have..
    THE lower pressure at the bottom
  6. for gravity circulation, the boiler should be _____ the heat transfer units
    below the level of
  7. the heat transfer units of a gravity system are usually hooked up in parallel. true or false?
  8. flow stopped in one element of a series circuit will stop flow in the rest of the ciruit. true or false?
  9. To ensure that there is enough water in the system and sufficient room for thermal expansion, a gravity system has an..
    expansion tank
  10. pipes need to be sloped for the elimination of air..
    even when a circulation pump is used
  11. in a ____system, the flow through one heat transfer unit cannot be shut off without stopping the flow in the other heat transfer units
    series loop
  12. A _____ system, is a one-pipe system in which flow can be stopped to individual heat transfer units
  13. a_____ system is a balanced two pipe system
    reverse return
  14. A ____ system is only used for commmercial and industrial applications
    direct return
  15. a monoflow tee induces flow in the branch by use of a
  16. The first heat transfer unit to receive the water is the last to return it is the characteristic of a _____ system
    reverse return
  17. A boiler is used to provide
    hot water and steam
  18. The area of a water chamber is increased in order to
    heat the water more quickly and efficiently
  19. Large water tube boilers are normally used for
    producing high pressure steam in large volumes
  20. Fire tube boilers are well suited for
    hydronic or steam heating
  21. The operating pressure of a hot water heating system is
    normally 12 psi
  22. Boiler ratings indicate output capacity in
    kilowatts (Btuh)
  23. A cast iron boiler is made of
    modules operating at different temperatures
  24. sections of a cast iron boiler are connected together with
    push nipples
  25. steam boilers are controlled by
    pressure switches only
  26. hot water boilers are controlled by
    temperature switches only
  27. steam boilers are ____ filled with water
    only partially
  28. steam is usually forced through a piping system by means of a steam circulating pump.. true or false>
  29. steam is called high pressure steam at 15 psi. true or false?
  30. low pressure steam boilers can reach 135 c or 275 dg f .. true or false
  31. boilers in hot water heating systems usually operate at
    1120 kpa and 121 c ( 160 psi and 250 deg f
  32. package boilers
    are fully assembled and tested at the factory
  33. the original package boilers were____boilers
    fire tube
  34. the water supply system to the boiler is usually called the
    boiler makeup
  35. the water supply system adds water to a hydronic heating boiler when
    pressure gets too low
  36. the pressure reducing valve is
    part of the water supply system
  37. an aquastat measures the _______ of the water
  38. after making its measurment, the aquastat
    opens or closes a switch
  39. when a diaphragm compression tank is installed
    an air purger should be routed to it
  40. the vent on a boiler
    expels burnt gases to the outdoors
  41. the vent for a boiler is made of
    steel or masonry
  42. heat travels by conduction, convection, and by..
  43. heat travels quickly through a good
  44. heat moving through space without heating is called
  45. heat travel in water from a boiler to heat transfer unit is called..
  46. rough, black objects make the best
  47. heat transfer surfaces which heat an area by the circulation of air through heated fins are called..
  48. heat transfer surfaces emit more heat, the larger and ____ that they are
  49. gravity, forced air, or blower fan cirulation is used to direct the air through the fins of convectors for better heating of the surrounding area,.. true or false?
  50. copper and steel are conductors; air and plastic are..
  51. grids of nonmetallic pipe enclosed in concrete floors are used to provide the most comfortable residential heating ever developed .. true or false
  52. a convector basically heats a room by heating the
  53. convectors with fans mounted near the ceiling are called
    unit heaters
  54. a convector which does not depend on gravity for circulation uses a
  55. convector cabinets are usually made of
  56. convectors should be installed under windows. true or false?
  57. the heating element of a convector is usually made of__pipe
  58. the amount of heat given off by a hot gravity circulation convector is usually regulated by an adjustable....
  59. the two types of unit heaters are
    vertical heaters and horizontal heaters
  60. convectors which replace baseboards are called
    baseboard convectors
  61. heat loss through the back of a convector should be minimized by the installation of insulation.. true or false?
  62. radiant heat travels through
  63. cast iron radiators give off heat by..
    both radiation and convection
  64. one difficulty with pure radiant heating is that the heater must be..
    in sight of the objects to be heated
  65. freestanding radiators were
  66. the most comfortable room is slightly warmer
    near the floor
  67. the most efficiently heated space is warmer
    near the floor
  68. radiant heating panels are best located
    in the floor
  69. radiant heating panels can provide extra heat to parts of an area by
    closer spacing
  70. in radiant panels, supply and return  piping should be run side by side.. true or false?
  71. clamped or threaded pipe joints should not be buried in concrete.. true or false
  72. piping runs in a hydronic heating system should
    be almost level or have a slope of 4mm/m 1/2"/10'
  73. the fittings in a swing connection are
    either all 90 degree elbows or a combination of 90 deg and 45 deg elbows
  74. small circulators can lift water
    4 feet or 1.3 meters
  75. piping runs should not be placed in outside walls. true or false
  76. pump circulation can be stopped by air bubbles accumulating at a high point.. true or false?
  77. drops to downfeed heat transfer units should connect from the______  of the mains
  78. downfeed baseboard heat transfer units usually require __ air vents
  79. Baseboard heat transfer units with upfeed stubs usually require __ air vents
  80. if a heating system contained 100 litres of water, the volume change from cold to hot would be about..
    1 litre
  81. open systems, where pressure cannot build up above static pressure, accomodate volume expansion by the use of a
    compression tank
  82. adding fresh water to a heating system increases
    flow through the system
  83. closed systems with cirulators accommodate volume expansion by the use of a
    expansion tank
  84. if volume expansion is properly accommodated, the pressure will not not increase in a closed system when the water is heated .. true or false
  85. A boiler fitting
    is used to connect a diaphragm compresssion tank
  86. flow control valves prevent
    excessive flow through a piping run
  87. an altitude gauge measures
    pressure in psig
  88. air contained in fresh water
    immediately separates and rises to the top
  89. mixed air separates more quickly when..
    the water is heated
  90. air vents on a heating system
    maintain the correct water air mixture
  91. a serious accumulation of air can cause
    gurgling sounds from the system
  92. automatic air vents open when..
    more air is required
  93. high points in a heating system should be
    vented and supported
  94. High volume locations, such as mains and unit heaters, should hav an
    air volume control
  95. a thermostat originates a demands for heat by ___and closing a switch
    sensing air temperature
  96. an aquastat senses
    water temperature
  97. a sensing device with a normally closed switch that opens when reaching a set temperature or pressure is said to be
    direct acting
  98. the circulator is usually switched on and off by a
  99. when a bimetal strip experiences a temperature change, it
  100. a boiler burner is turned on and off by a
  101. a thermostat should be located __ above the floor on an  inside wall away from heat sources
    5 ft
  102. a zone valve is controlled by a ..
  103. a zone valve controls the flow of
  104. a releif valve senses and reacts to water
  105. a high limit burner safety switch with a manual reset button is an
    30 psi
  107. EPDM piping material is not used in HRF systems because it..
    has 10 times more oxygen permeation
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