Notable Biologists

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  1. Humans evolved from fish
  2. Father of modern medicine. Corpus hippocraticum
  3. Parts of Animals, On Plants, History of Animals, Generation of Animals
  4. Natural History, collected data on plants and animals
    Pliny the Elder
  5. Father of experimental physiology, On the Natural Faculties, pulmonary circulation
  6. Described measles and smallpox, published book on children's diseases
  7. Helped formulate modern anatomical study with his notebooks
    *Leonardo da Vinci
  8. Pioneered application of chemistry to medicine, imbalance of humors
  9. Father of anatomy, Fabrica
  10. Blood circulation, Father of modern physiology, An Anatomical Treatise on the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals
  11. Founder of microscopic anatomy, discovered lung capillaries, confirming Harvey's theory
  12. The "English Hippocrates", Father of modern Epidemiology
  13. First person to observe cells, coined word "cell, Micrographia
  14. Discovered bacteria with a microscope, Father of Microbiology
  15. Invented the seed drill and row-drawn horse row cultivator
  16. Father of plant physiology, Vegetable Staticks, Haemastaticks
  17. Classified plants and animals, nomenclature, coined male and female symbols, Systema Naturae
  18. On the Seats and Causes of Disease, showed diseases start in specific organs, discovered many blood diseases
  19. First standard textbook of physiology (Elementa Physiologiae)
    Von Haller
  20. Proved that citrus fruits prevented scurvy
  21. Father of Surgery
  22. first vaccination of smallpox (on James Phipps)
  23. Pioneer of scientific histology
  24. Compared anatomy of various animals with humans, Lectures on Comparitive Anatomy
  25. Forerunner of evolutionary theory, acquired characteristics, Zoological Philosophy
  26. Pioneer in classification of fossil fish, ice age theory
  27. Manual of Botany of the Northern United States
  28. Founder of pathology and cellular pathology
  29. Developed cell theory
    *Schwann and Schlieden
  30. Wrote books on evolution (origin of species)
  31. Studied evolution at same time as Darwin in S. America and Asia
  32. Discovered heredity with pea experiments
  33. Supported Darwin's theory; studied marine life on HMS Rattlesnake; expert on Medusae; Evidence as to Man's Place in Nature
  34. Bacteriology; killed microbes with heat; saved French wine and silk industries; vaccinated sheep against anthrax; cured rabies; disproved spontaneous generation
  35. Rediscovered Mendel's work with Correns and Tschermak; hereditary mutation theory
    de Vries
  36. Pioneer of entomology; Souvenirs Entomologiques
  37. Showed mosquitoes carried yellow fever and controlled typhoid fever
  38. Nobel Prize for Phys. or Med. in 1904 for work on digestion and nervous sys; reflex with dogs
  39. 1905 Phys. or Med. Nobel for discovery of tuberculosis bacterium, his namesake bacilus
  40. Pioneer of immunology and chemotherapy; 1908 Phys. or Med. Nobel with Metchnikoff for immunity and histology of blood
  41. Developed and improved trees, plants, flowers, etc
  42. Discovered vitamins; isolated B- thiamine
  43. Revolutionized agriculture with peanut, sweet potato, and pecan products; "plant doctor" and "father of chemurgy"
  44. Demonstrated that traits are inherited through genes; won 1933 Phys. or Med. Nobel for work on fruit fly (D. melanogaster) and The Theory of the Gene
  45. Won 1930 Phys. or Med. Nobel for discovering 4 human blood types; co-discovered Rh factor in 1940 with A.S. Wiener
  46. Discovered penicillin; shared 1928 Phys. or Med. Nobel for this discovery
  47. Developed DDT, nobel in Phys. and Med. for it
    Paul Herman Muller
  48. Won 1946 Phys. or Med. Nobel for proving that X-rays induce mutations
    Hermann Joseph Muller
  49. Concern for ecology and environment led her to protest use of pesticides; The Sea Around Us and Silent Spring
  50. Seed-treatment philosophy called vernalization had an adverse effect on Soviet bio-research
  51. Received 1952 Phys. or Med. Nobel for discovering anti-tuberculosis antibiotic streptomycin
  52. Shared 1959 Phys. or Med. Nobel for artificially synthesizing RNA and other nucleic acids
  53. Shared 1952 Phys. or Med. Nobel for artificially producing DNA and his study of the enzymatic synthesis of DNA
  54. Discovered structure of DNA; shared 1962 Phys. or Med. Nobel; wrote The Double Helix
    *Watson and Crick
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