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  1. The mother of the beautiful daughter has a pain in her jaws.
    ἡ τῆς καλῆς θυγατρός μήτηρ τάς γνάθους αλγεῖ.
  2. I am glad my brothers are happy.
    ἥδομαι επὶ ολβίοις τοῖς αδελφοῖς .
  3. The king marches into the country of the Scythians.
    ὁ βασιλεὺς  ελαύνει εις τὴν τῶν σκυθῶν χῶραν.
  4. The army of the Persians marches into the country of the Scythians.
    ἡ τῶν περσῶν στρατιὰ πορεύεται εις τὴν τῶν σκυθῶν χῶραν.
  5. The crocodile moves its upper jaw.
    ὁ κροκόδειλος τὴν άνω γνάθον κινεῖ.
  6. We wonder at the madness of our neighbors.
    τὴν τῶν πλησίον μανίαν θαυμάζομεν
  7. The people there are doing well.
    οἱ εκεῖ εῦ πράττουσι.
  8. The elephant has a strong hide.
    ὁ έλεφος τὴν δορὰν ισχυρὰν έχει.
  9. Let us avoid talking fast.
    φεύγωμεν τὸ ταχὺ λαλεῖν.
  10. The citizens prosecute Philip on a charge of murder.
    οἱ πολῖται φίλιππον φόνου διώκουσιν
  11. Sophroniscus was tried for murder.
    σωφρονίσκος φόνου έφευγε
  12. The enemy laid waste the whole country.
    οἱ πολέμιοι έτεμον πᾶσαν τὴν χώραν.
  13. The other party are laying waste the rest of the country.
    οἱ ἕτεροι τέμνουσι τὴν άλλην χώραν.
  14. I will give the whole egg to my brother.
    πᾶν τὸ ωὸν τῷ αδελφῷ δώσω.
  15. I feel pain in every part of my head.
    πᾶσαν τὴν κεφαλὴν αλγῶ.
  16. He thinks the citizens have conferred benefits on him.
    νομίζει τοὺς πολίτας ἑαυτόν εῦ πεποιηκέναι.
  17. Accustom yourself to be contented with your present condition.
    έθιζε σαυτὸν τοῖς παροῦσιν αγαπᾶν.
  18. He accustomed himself to perform these services for the good.
    έθιζεν ἑαυτὸν τοῖς αγαθοῖς ταῦτα ὑπηρετεῖν
  19. Those with the king will march against the son of Philip.
    οἱ σὺν τῷ βασιλεῖ επὶ τὸν τοῦ φιλίππου πορεύσονται.
  20. They did this on the next day.
    τῇ αύριον ταῦτα έπραξαν
  21. They love the present life
    τὸν νῦν βίον φιλοῦσι.
  22. And he riding at full speed flies from those who are pursuing him.
    ὁ δὲ ανὰ κράτος ελαύνων φεύγει τοὺς αυτὸν διώκοντας.
  23. Everybody loves his own things.
    πᾶς τις τὰ ἑαυτοῦ αγαπᾷ.
  24. Philip was their general with two others.
    στρατηγὸς ῆν φίλλιπος τρίτος αυτός.
  25. The rest of the Skythians act more wisely.
    οἱ άλλοι σκύθαι σοφώτερον ποιοῦσι.
  26. He spent half his life in a most disgraceful way.
    τὸν ἥμισυν τοῦ βίου αίσχιστα διετέλεσεν
  27. The king of the Persians has ravaged the greater part of the Peloponnesus.
    ὁ τῶν περσῶν βασιλεὺς τὴν πολλὴν τῆς πελοπονήσου τέτμηκε.
  28. One ought to like ones own things.
    τὰ ἑαυτοῦ αγαπᾶν δεῖ
  29. These things took place in our fathers' times.
    ταῦτα επὶ τῶν πατέρων εγένετο.
  30. Those things were not in my power.
    ταῦτα ουκ επ' εμοῖ ῆν
  31. The judge is worthy of death.
    ὁ δικαστὴς θανάτου άξιός εστιν.
  32. Many nations will go on the expedition.
    πολλὰ εθνὴ στρατεύσουσι
  33. I am here to see the battle.
    πάρειμι ἵνα τὴν μάχην ίδω
  34. I was here to see the battle.
    παρῆν ἵνα τὴν μάχην ίδοιμι.
  35. I asked him what he was doing.
    ηρόμην αυτὸν ὅτι ποιοίη
  36. He told me that Xenoclides commanded them with two others.
    έλεξέ μοι ὅτι ὁ ξενοκλείης στρατηγοίη αυτῶν τρίτος αυτός.
  37. I was there to fight.
    παρῆν ἵνα μαχοίμην.
  38. If I have anything I will give it.
    εάν τι έχω δώσω.
  39. If you were to do this you would confer the greatest benefit upon me.
    εὶ ταῦτα ποιοίῃς τὰ μέγιστά μ' ὰν ωφελοιῇς.
  40. If I had a mina, I would give it to the slave.
    ει μινᾶν εῖχον τῷ δουλῷ εδίδουν άν.
  41. If this be so I will go away at once.
    εὰν ταῦτα οὕτως έχῃ ήδη ὰπειμι.
  42. If you be found guilty of murder, the citizens will put you to death.
    εὰν φόνου ἁλῷς σε αποκτενοῦσιν οἱ πολῖται.
  43. I hold my tongue about the rest, though I should have much to say.
    τᾶλλα σιωπῶ πόλλ' ὰν έχων ειπεῖν
  44. I would gladly see this.
    ἡδέως ὰν θεασαίμην ταῦτα.
  45. One could not find a more shameless fellow.
    άνθρωπον αναιδέστερον ουκ αν´ τις εὗροι.
  46. You will not escape.
    ουκ ὰν φεύγοις.
  47. How much do you thing your possessions would fetch if sold?
    πόσον ὰν οίει εὑρεῖν τὰ σὰ κτήματα πολύμενα;
  48. It is not possible that one man should ever be able to do all this.
    ουκ έστιν ἕνα άνδρα ὰν δυνηθῆναί ποτε ἅπαντα ταῦτα πρᾶξαι.
  49. He asks for pay on the plea that he could then conquer his enemies.
    αιτεῖ μισθὸν ὡς περιγιγνόμενος ὰν τῶν πολεμίων.
  50. It is not possible that you being a man should be able to deceive the gods.
    ουκ έστιν ανθρωπόν σε όντα, τοὺς θεοὺς εξαπατῆσαι δύνασθαι.
  51. I will come to you if I am wanted.
    παρέσομαί σοι εάν τι δέῃ .
  52. He said he would come if he were wanted.
    παρέσεσθαι έφη εί τι δέοι.
  53. Then only are you prosperous when you do what you ought.
    τότε δὴ, ὅταν ἃ χρὴ ποιῇς, ευτυχεῖς.
  54. He will destroy whatever he takes.
    διαφθερεῖ ὅ τι ὰν λάβῃ.
  55. If the citizens were to do what they ought they would be prosperous.
    ει οἱ πολῖται ἁ χρὴ ποιοῖεν, ευτυχοῖεν άν.
  56. When I have anything I will give it.
    ὅταν τι έχω, δώσω.
  57. If the enemy had done this they would have been destroyed.
    ει οἱ πολέμιοι ταῦτα έπραξαν, διεφθάρησαν άν
  58. When they see this they will fear.
    επειδὰν ταῦτα θεάσωνται φοβηθήσονται.
  59. He had an upper chamber whenever he stayed in town.
    ὑπερῷον εῖχεν ὁπότ' εν άστει διατρίβοι.
  60. He did what seemed good to him.
    έπραττεν ἃ δόξειεν αυτῷ
  61. He used to praise those whom he saw marching in good order and in silence.
    οὓς μὲν ίδοι ευτάκτως καὶ σιωπῇ ιόντας, επῄνει.
  62. Whenever he took any city, he used to kill all the citizens.
    ὁπότε πόλιν τινα ἕλοι, πάντας τοὺς πολίτας απέκτεινε.
  63. When you have taken the city do not kill the citizens.
    επειδὰν τὴν πόλιν ἕλῃς μὴ κτεῖνε πάντας τοὺς πολίτας .
  64. The calvary of the Persians charge the ranks of the enemy.
    τὸ τῶν περσῶν ἱππικὸν εις τοὺς τῶν πολεμίων τάξεις ελαύνει.

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