morality vocab 4

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  1. a confident judgment that one is making the best moral choice.
    certain conscience 
  2. to question or hesitate about the reality or truth of some belief
  3. a conscience which cannot decide between good and bad moral choices
    doubtful conscience 
  4. belief that God has given us the ability to make choices; he does not force us to do or believe anything
    free will
  5. the ability to make choices; in the Christian sense, being able to always choose to do that which is good and directed toward God
  6. one that is certain and correct in its knowledge, is educated and developed through constant use and examination
    informed conscience 
  7. a conscience which believes an action to be a serious sin when it is simply a mistake or not wrong at all
    scrupulous conscience 
  8. performing a sinful action
    sin of commission 
  9. failing to perform a good action
    sin of omission 
  10. someone who follows his or her conscience in the face of difficulties
  11. a moral decision-making ability centering on what a person has already done or ought to do in the future.  It involves an awareness that there is right and wrong, a process of discernment, and finally judgment
  12. when a person does not employ a process of conscientious decision making, thereby not facing or thinking about the morality of actions that he or she performs
    lax conscience
  13. when a person follows a process of conscientious decision making but unwittingly makes a wrong decision
    erroneous conscience
  14. when people act contrary to their conscience and purposely choose to do wrong; "a deliberate thought, word, deed, or omission contrary to the eternal law of God,"
  15. an encyclopedia on morality by Pope John Paul II
    "The Splendor of Truth"
  16. known for following conscious 
    st. thomas more
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