accounting exam 2

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  1. cash

    bank account controls
    most liquated asset,  medium exchange, bank accounts establish practice for safeguarding cash.

    signature card, deposit tickets, checks, bank statment, electronic funds transfer, bank reconicilation.
  2. bank reconicilation
    document explaining the reasons for the cash difference between a depositors cash records and the depositors cash balance in its bank account.
  3. bank balance

    book balance
    bank balance: add deposits in transit, subtract outstanding checks, add or subtract corrections of bank errors.

    bok balance: add bank collections, interest revenue, and eft reciepts. subtract service charges, NSF checks, and eft payments. add or subtract corrections of book errors. 
  4. online banking
    • pay bills and view bank account electronically.  prepare a bank reconicilation any time. 
    • allows a company to:
    • reconcile to the checkbook online. pay bills online, set up auto payments, promote a paperless approach, electronic notification of bank statements and transactions, secure online delivery of the same. 
  5. cash receipts over the counter
    receipt is issued for each transaction, cash drawer opens when a transaction is entered, cash register records transaction. register tape sent to accounting department. 
  6. cash receipts by mail
    mailroom employee opens mail

    checks are sent to treasurer and cashier deposits money

    remittance advice sent to accounting for journal entries

    controller compares records of the days bank deposit and debit to cash made by the accounting department. 
  7. controls over payment by check
    paying by check is an impartant internal control

    check provies a record of payment

    the check must be signed and authorized
  8. petty cash
    cash funds on site to pay for small ependitures

    • designate a custodian of petty cash fund
    • keep a speicific amount of cash on hand
    • all payments are supported with a petty cash ticket
  9. cash short or over
    • new account used whenever a cash fund is short or over may have either a debit or credit balance. 
    • reported as an expense or revenue depending on ending balance.
    • supplies
    • expense
    • cash short or over
    •         cash
  10. Internal control
    • safeguard assets
    • encourage eomployees to follow company policies
    • ensure accurate reliable accounting records
    • proote operational efficiency
  11. sheild of internal control
    internal controls help protect against theft, waste, and ineffieicny
  12. Sarbanes-oxley act (SOX)
    congress passed sox after the enron and worldcom scandals

    • provisions: companies must issue an internal control report
    • public company accounting oversight boardPCAOB to oversee auditors
    • firms may not both audit and consult accounting services to same comany
  13. components of internal control
    • Monitoring of controls
    • information systems
    • control procedures
    • control envioroment
    • risk assessment
  14. monitoring and procedures
    • hire competetent and ethical personel
    • assignment of responsbilities
    • seperation of duties
    • audits
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