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  1. Destric courts are the workhourses of the federal court system.
    •  At least one per state
    •  From 1 to 28 judges in each. 
    •  Have original jurisdction. 
    •  Similer to state trial.
  2. Courts of appeals are the next highest level of the federal court system.
    •  Handle appeals from the federal district courts. 
    •  Decision made by a planel of three judges.
    •  Either affirm the lower court's decision or reverse it.
  3. The supreme court is the highest court in the federal court system.
    • Serves as the final court of appeals for both the states and federal court system.
    •  Has orginal jurisdiction over a few special kind of cases.
  4. Special federal courts were establishea by congress for a special purpose.
    •  Inclvdes court of claims court or system and tax court.
    •  Apeals from some of these courts sent directly to the supreme court.
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