Histology:neural tissue

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  1. What are the anatomical divisions of the nervous system?
    • Central nervous system
    • Peripheral nervous system
  2. What are the functional divisions of the nervous system?
    • Sensory
    • Motor
  3. What is the function of the somatic nervous system?
    provide voluntary control over skeletal muscles contractions
  4. What is the function of the autonomic nervous system?
    provides automatic, involuntary regulation of smooth muscles, cardiac muscles, glandular activity or secretions
  5. Where does a nerve run?
    CNS to PNS and PNS to CNS
  6. Where does a tract run?
    between CNS and Brain
  7. What type of neuron resides in the lateral horn (thoracic region)?
    sympathetic neuron
  8. What are the four regions of a neuron?
    • Soma¬†
    • Dendrite
    • Axon
    • terminal
  9. What is a Nissle body?
    highly developed rER
  10. What are the most common type of neuron?
  11. Where are pseudo unipolar located?
    Dorsal root ganglion
  12. What forms the myelin sheath in the PNS?
    schwann cells
  13. What forms the myelin sheath in the CNS?
  14. What are the three coverings of the nerve?
    • Epineurium (most superficial)
    • Perineurium
    • Endoneurium (innermost layer)
  15. what is the function of the ependymal cells?
    line ventricle walls
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Histology: neural tissue
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