The Medical Staff

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  1. Medical Staff
    • The formally organized staff of licensedphysicians and other licensed providersas permitted by law
    • Have authority and responsibility tomaintain proper standards of medicalcare
    • Governed by its own bylaws, rules and regulations
  2. Clinical Privileges
    The permission granted by the appropriate authority to practitioners to provide well defined patient care services in the granting institution
  3. Appointment
    The admission of a physician to a hospital's staff, based on his/her credentials, work Hx, malpractice claims Hx, and reputation Medical practice A scheduled timeslot in which a person is examined by a physician during his/her normal office hrs
  4. Reappointment
    The renewal of medical staff membership and privileges of a practitioner whose previous service on the medical staff has met the staff's standard of Pt care

    JCAHO requires re-evaluation of competency and activities at least every two years after the initial appointment
  5. Privilege Delineation
    • Definition of the physician/practitioner's scope of practice
    • According to the by laws, it is what the physician is allowed to do
  6. Allopathy (M.D)
    • Emphasis: Symptom relief, cure when possible
    • Education: Bachelor's Degree, MCAT, plus 4 yrs medical school (1st yr Internship, Residency 2-4 yrs, Fellowship 2yrs, Specialization encouraged)
    • License: USMLE
  7. Osteopathy (D.O)
    • Emphasis: body mechanics and manipulative methods of correcting faulty structure
    • Education: Bachelor's Degree, MCAT, plus 4 yrs osteopathic medical school (1st yr Internship, Residency 2-4 yrs, Fellowship 2yrs, Primary Care encouraged)
    • License: USMLE plus additional section on osteopathic technique
  8. Departmentalized Medical Staff
    • The MS is divided into services or departments,usually by specialty
    • Each can be further subdivided, depending on size of medical staff
    • Used in Larger Hopsitals
  9. Non-Departmentalized Medical Staff
    • The MS acts as one committee to carry out all assigned responsibilities
    • Must be able to meet regularly to conduct business
    • Used in Smaller Hopspitals with fewer Dr's
  10. Medical Staff Category- Associate (Provisional) Staff
    Those physicians who have not yet been elevated to active staff
  11. Medical Staff Category- Active (Full) Staff
    Those physicians with full voting and membership privileges and responsibilities
  12. Medical Staff Category- Courtesy Staff
    Those physicians who have met the requirements for active staff, but admit patients only occasionally
  13. Medical Staff Category- Consulting Staff
    Those physicians who do not normally admit patients, but who may be called in on unusually complicated cases
  14. Medical Staff Category- Honorary Staff
    Granted to outstanding physicians inrecognition of their contributions to the facility and the community
  15. Externs
    3rd and 4th - year medical school students
  16. Interns
    • Medical school graduates in their first year after graduation
    • Are not licensed physicians
  17. Residents
    • Medical school graduates
    • Have passed USMLE
    • Length of residency depends on specialty
  18. Medical Staff Bylaws
    • The document that delineates medical staff policies
    • A predetermined set of policies which governs the medical staff
    • Define qualifications for medical staff appointment
    • Legally binding
    • Changes must be approved by a vote of the medical staff and the hospital’s governing body
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