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  1. What is Archaeology?
    The study of past human life as revealed by preserved relics.
  2. What is Artifacts?
    Objects made by people, such as tools, weapons, containers,etc.
  3. What is life science?
    It is a term that encompasses all scientific pursuits related to living organisns
  4. What is Geology?
    The study of earth's history as revealed in the rocks that make up the earth.
  5. What is paleontology?
    Paleontology is the study of life's history as revealed in the preserved remains of once-living organisms.
  6. What is Aristotle's dictum?
    It is the benefit of the doubt is to be given to the document itself, not assigned by the critic to himself.
  7. What are the three tests that a document has to go through to be concidered reliable?
    • They are the Internal test, the External test, and the bibliographic test.
  8. What do the scientists testing a document do in the internal test, the external test, and the bibliographic test?
    In the internal test the scientists are trying to see if the document contradicts itself.  In the external test, they are trying to see if it contradicts any other historical facts that have past all three tests already.  In the bibliographic test the document is considered reliable if it contains direct eyewitness or second-hand report that is based on eyewitness accounts.
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