Los 30 Verbos

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  1. alquilar (videos)
    to rent (videos)
  2. bailar
    to dance
  3. calificar
    to grade
  4. cantar
    to sing
  5. comprar
    to buy
  6. descansar
    to rest
  7. dibujar
    to draw
  8. escuchar (m�sica)
    to listen (to music)
  9. estudiar
    to study
  10. hablar (por tel�fono)
    to talk (on the phone)
  11. montar (en bicicleta)
    to ride (a bicycle)
  12. nadar
    to swim
  13. navegar (por internet)
    to navegate/surf (the internet)
  14. pasar (el rato solo/sola)
    to spend time (alone)
  15. pasear
    to stroll
  16. patinar
    to skate
  17. practicar (deportes)
    to practice (sports)
  18. tomar (una prueba)
    to take (a test/quiz)
  19. tocar (el piano)
    to touch/play (the piano)
  20. trabajar
    to work
  21. beber
    to drink
  22. leer (revistas)
    to read (magazines)
  23. comer
    to eat
  24. correr
    to run
  25. aprender
    to learn
  26. asistir (+a)
    to attend
  27. escribir (cartas)
    to write (letters)
  28. vivir
    to live
  29. abrir
    to open
  30. interrumpir
    to interrupt
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