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  1. What is the definition of rock?
    a naturally formed solid mixture of one or more minerals or organic matter 

  2. What is texture?
    the quality of a rock that is based on the sizes and shapes and positions of the rock's grains

  3. What is igneous rock?
    Rock formed from the cooling and solidification of magma beneath the Earth's surface.

  4. What is extrusive igneous rock?
    Rock that forms as a result of volcanic activity at or near the Earth's surface.

  5. What is sedimentary rock?
    Rock that forms at the Earth's surface from the deposition of sediment; produces layers.

  6. What are strata?
    Layers of rock

  7. What is clastic sedimentary rock?
    Rock made from rock fragments cemented together

  8. What is stratification?
    • The process in which sedimentary rocks are arranged in layers.
  9. What is metamorphic rock?
    Rock in which the structure, texture, or composition of the rock has changed.

  10. What is foliated metamorphic rock?
    This rock usually contains lined grainsof flat materials.

  11. What is non-foliated metamorphic rock?
    This rock is commonly made of one or a few minerals. 

  12. What is deformation?
    A change in the shape of a rock. (folding and faulting)

  13. What is composition?
    The chemical make-up of a rock; describes either the minerals or other materials in the rock.
  14. What is chemical sedimentary rock?
    Rock that forms from solutions of dissolved minerals and water.

  15. What is organic sedimentary rock?
    Rocks made out of coral and fossils.

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Science Quiz Review #1
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