Bio I Midterm II

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  1. Monohybrid Cross
    • Breeding (i.e. cross-pollination) two varietes that differ for one trait
    • i.e. colour of flower: purple P and white p
  2. Alleles
    Alternative form of a gene
  3. First fillial
    First generation (after paretnal generation)
  4. Homozygus Dominant
    Same alleles, i.e. PP
  5. Homozygous Recessive
    Same alleles; i.e. pp
  6. Heterozygous
    • Two different alleles
    • i.e. Pp, pP
  7. Incomplete dominance (co-dominance)
    • Both alleles are expressed
    • i.e. Red flower cross-pollinated with white flower becomes pink flower
  8. Dihybrid cross
    • Breeding two varieties that differ for two traits
    • i.e. Colour and shape
  9. Multiple alleles
    • More than two alleles
    • i.e. blood types: IA, IBi Rh factor R, r
  10. Polygenic inheritance
    • Many genes code for one phenotype
    • Gradietnt of phenotypes
    • i.e. skin colour, hair colour, eye colour, intelligence, height
  11. Epistasis
    When one gene interferes with the expression of another
  12. Pleiotropy
    • One gene that effects the expression of many different phenotypes
    • i.e. one gene that affects both pigmentation and cross-eyedness
  13. Test cross
    Helps differentiate between homozygous dominant and heterozygous genotypes.

    Cross unown genotype with a known homozygous recessive genotype
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