Food Technology Exam Review

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  1. What are the advantages of a bread slicing machine?
    • •Uniform product
    • •Cheaper bread
    • •More convenient
  2. What does "natural" mean, such as when describing peanut butter?
    It means that there are not any partially hydrogenated oils in it.
  3. What made Swanson's TV dinners so popular in the 1950's?
    The invention of the microwave and television.
  4. What was Ray Kroc's vision for McDonald's?
    To sell billions of hamburgers across the globe.
  5. Why was the invention of the mason jar important?
    It helped preserve food in the canning process.
  6. What standards for chicken farming are true no matter which viewpoint you take?
    Chickens are raised in long, ventilated barns; chickens are much bigger today than 50 years ago, the barns must be cleaned between flocks of birds.
  7. Which type of food packaging keeps food fresher, paper or plastic?
  8. Which type of food packaging is better for the environment, paper or plastic?
  9. What type of food packaging is reusable, paper or plastic?
  10. What is the difference between organic and traditional farming?
    Organic farming does not use chemical pesticides, only natural pesticides. Traditional farming uses both chemical and natural pesticides.
  11. Which is the healthier choice, organic or non-organic?
    There is not a difference in nutritional value between the two.
  12. Why do chip bags have air in them?
    To keep the chips from crushing
  13. Give two examples of GMOs.
    Tomatoes with flounder gene; Roundup ready crops
  14. Name three current food trends.
    Food trucks, snow cones, breakfast foods for dinner
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