Ther ex for shoulders

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  1. What is the only bony attachment of the shoulder girdle to the axial skeleton?
    SC joint
  2. In how many degress of abduction does the setting phase occur?
    30 degrees
  3. In how many degrees of flexion does the setting phase occur?
    60 degrees
  4. Which direction of rotation occurs with shoulder flexion?
  5. Which direction of rotation occurs with shoulder abduction?
    external rotation
  6. At how many degrees of flexion does internal rotation occur?
    (both passive and active)
    • AROM - 90
    • PROM - 50
  7. Why is scaption a more functional position than flexion or abduction?
    • There is less tension in the joint capsule and ligaments resulting inĀ  greater elevation/ROM
    • Does not require internal or external rotator activation to prevent greater tubercle impingement
  8. What muscles causes upward translatory rotation of the humerus?
    Deltoids, supraspinatus
  9. What muscles cause a downward translatory force and compression of the humerus?
    infraspinatus, supraspinatus, teres minor
  10. What are the functions of the supraspinatus?
    Compression, significant stabilization, and slight upward rotation
  11. Where does C4 refer pain to?
    trapezius to the tip of the shoulder
  12. Where does C5 refer pain to?
    Deltoid region and lateral arm
  13. Where does diaphragm refer pain?
    upper trapezius
  14. Where does the heart refer pain?
    axilla and left pectoral region
  15. Where does gallbladder irritation refer pain?
    tip of shoulder and posterior scapular region
  16. What are the three phases of management for shoulder management?
    • Protective phase (acute)
    • Controlled motion phase (subacute)
    • Return to function phase (chronic)
  17. What are the characteristics of the protective phase?
    • •Control pain, edema, and muscle guarding
    • •Maintain soft tissue, Joint Integrity and Mobility (above and below)
    • •Maintain Integrity & Function of Associated Areas
    • •Patient Education
  18. What are the characteristics of the controlled motion phase?
    • •Emphasizing Joint Mobility
    • •Includes self-mobilization techniques
    • •Neuromuscular Re-education/Control (sequence of muscle firing)
    • •Improve Joint Tracing: MWM (movement w/ mobilization)
    • •Instructions for Self-Care
    • •Progressively Increase Strength (iso, con, then ecc)
    • •Postural Awareness
    • •Developing a Strong, Mobile Scar (if applicable) (stretch then iso)
    • •Develop balance in length and strength
  19. What are the characteristics of the return to function phase?
    • •Progressive increase flexibility and strength
    • •Prepare to functional demands
  20. In what degree of what motion does a painful arc occur?
    45-120 degrees of abduction
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