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  1. What does Target Value Analysis do?
    TVA begins in IPB by a detailed analysis of enemy doctrine, tactics, equipment, organizations, and expected behavior. TVA provides a means of determining which targets should be attacked for the greatest tactical benefit in a given situation. These targets are identified as HVT.
  2. What is the a node?
    A tangible element of a system that can be targeted.
  3. What is a link?
    A behavior, physical or functional link between nodes.
  4. What is a critical node?
    An element whose destruction will effect a system immediately.
  5. What is a key node?
    A node that is critical to the functioning of a system.
  6. What is a system?
    A related group of interacting or interdependent elements that form a unified whole.
  7. What is an High Value Individual (HVI)?
    A person of interest who must be identified, surveilled, tracked or influenced through the use of information or fires.
  8. What is a Time Sensitive Target (TST)?
    • Those targets requiring immediate response because they pose (or will soon pose) a danger to friendly forces or are highly lucrative, fleeting targets of opportunity.
    • Owned by the Joint Force Commander.
  9. What is a Sensitive Target?
    A target requiring special care or caution, such as leadership, WMDs, CDE risks and non-lethal targets.
  10. What does Target Value Analysis provide for targeting?
    • Identifies priorities for engagement.
    • Permits contingency planning.
    • Better friendly capabilities estimates.
    • Identifies effects criteria.
    • Builds the HPTL.
  11. What documents come out of the targeting process?
    • High Payoff Target List
    • Target Selection Standards
    • Attack Guidance Matrix
    • Target Synch Matrix
  12. What is CARVER?
    • Criticality
    • Accessability
    • Recouperability
    • Vulnerability
    • Effect
    • Recognizability
  13. What are the steps of TVA?
    • Get commander's guidance.
    • Get S2 input on HVT, create HPTL.
    • Create PIRs from high worth targets, create the SR Plan and matrix
    • Coordinate with S2 on NAIs, TAIs, Decision Points
    • Complete Analysis, build HPTL
    • Execute, Assess

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Target Value Analysis

Target Value Analysis
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