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  1. CoG focuses on the intangibles of war; what are they?
    Moral, Resolve and will to fight.
  2. Who Developed the CoG concept?
    Carl von Clausewitz
  3. What are the two approaches used on CoG analysis?
    Direct and Indirect
  4. The manner in which a Commander attacks the enemy's center of gravity or principle by applying combat power directly against it.
    Direct Approach
  5. The manner in which a commander attacks the enemy's center of gravity by applying combat power against a series of decisive points while avoiding enemy strength
    Indirect Approach
  6. 4 parts of the CoG Methodology
    • Center of Gravity
    • Critical Capabilities
    • Critical Requirements
    • Critical Vulnerabilities
  7. Who developed the CoG methodology?
    Dr. Joe Strange
  8. How do we analyze critical vulnerabilities?
  9. Primary sources of moral or physical strength, power and resistance
    Center of Gravity
  10. Means that are considered crucial enablers for the adversaries CoG to function and essential to the accomplishment of the adversaries assumed objectives
    Critical Capabilities
  11. Essential conditions, resources and means for a critical capability to be fully operative
    Critical Requirements
  12. Aspects or components of the adversary's critical requirements which are deficient or vulnerable to direct or indirect attack that will create decisive or significant effects.
    Critical Vulnerabilities
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