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  1. New Australian Federations suffrage rights:
    • Commonwealth Franchise Act
    • Universal White Suffrage
    • Aborigines effectively disfranchised
  2. Fusion of Non Labor Parties into:
    • Liberal Party
    • Minority Liberal Governments
  3. Labor Victory in 1910 election:
    Australia's 1st majority government
  4. Who is Andrew Fisher:
    • Labor Party Leader (1907-1915)
    • Prime Minister (1908-1909) (1910-1913) (1914-1915)
  5. Central Powers are:
    Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman Turkey
  6. Allied Powers are:
    Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Italy, US
  7. ANZAC are:
    Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
  8. Major Asian Member of Allied Powers:
  9. Gallipoli Campaign (April-December 1915)
    • Failed Allied offensive vs Turkish-Controlled Straits
    • Heavy losses on both sides
    • enduring significance of Anzac Day
  10. Example of a Western Front Battle that Australian Participated:
    Somme battles (July-November 1916)
  11. Passchendeale:
    • Unsuccessful Battle
    • Halting final German offensives and breaking the Hindenburg line
  12. John Monash:
    • Australia's leading commander in WWI
    • Prussian Jewish ancestry
  13. Charles E. W. Bean:
    • War Correspondent
    • Edited/Authored official history of Australia in the war of 1914-1918
    • Significance in the developing "Anzac Legend" of digger bravery
  14. Billy Hughes:
    • Sydney based labor leader and labor politician
    • Labor leader and Nationalist Leader
    • Prime Minister after Andrew Fisher resigned
  15. Who was for the Draft:
    The Protestants
  16. Who wasnt for the Draft:
    Catholic Clergy
  17. What caused the Labor Party Split:
  18. How was the Nationalist Party Founded:
    Merging of the Nationalists and Liberals
  19. The WWI Peace Conference was dominated by:
    U.S, Britain, and France
  20. The PM Conference Positions were against:
    The Declaration of Equality
  21. Who was the Most Upset of the Declaration:
  22. Who acquired the League of Nations Mandate over German New Guinea:
  23. The New Political Party:
    The Country party to represent Rural Interests
  24. Stanley Bruce:
    Prime Minister in Coaltion with Country Party
  25. Earle Page
    Leader of Country Party
  26. Who benefited the most from Communism:
    The Nationalist Party
  27. What ended Bruce Labor Party Govt:
    Labor Arbitration
  28. What party split 3 ways:
    Labor Party
  29. Which state voted to succeed:
    Western Australia
  30. Joseph Lyons:
    • Led Conservative Party defectors in 3 way labor split
    • Founder and Leader of United Australian Party
  31. Jack Lang:
    • New South Wales premier (1925-1827)
    • A leader of the Left Wing labor
    • Dismissed by State Governor
  32. Delayed endorsement of statute of WestMinster:
    • Imperial Conference of 1926 declared dominions fully independent and equal.
    • Statute affirmed Independent states- Endorsed by Canada and South Africa
  33. Australia Biggest Fear:
    Japanese Expansion and Singapore Strategy
  34. Axis Powers:
    Germany, Italy and Japan
  35. Allied Powers:
    Britain, France, China, Soviet Union, and U.S
  36. Originally German Ally (Hitler always planned to strike USSR):
    Soviet Union
  37. Who governed most of WWII:
    The Labor Party
  38. John Curtin:
    • Labor Leader and Prime Minister (1941-1945)
    • Capable and Popular Wartime Leadership
    • During the World War years
  39. Impact on Grand Alliance Diplomacy:
    • Decision making dominated by U.S, Britain, and Soviet Union.
    • Hegemony in Pacific Region
  40. North African Campaigns:
    Tenacity of "Rats of Tobruk" vs. German Siege
  41. Significant role and Turning Point in North Africa Campaign:
    Battle of El Alamein
  42. Japanese Advances:
    British Surrender of Singapore
  43. Australian City most Frequently Bombed:
    City of Darwin
  44. Battle of Coral Sea:
    • Heavy U.S Australian Losses in Naval Air Battle
    • Saved Port Moresby from amphibious attack
  45. Kokoda Trail Campaign:
    • Successful Australian Papuan defense of Landward approach to Port Moresby
    • Heavy militia and AIF losses in rugged, malarial jungles and hill terrain.  
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