latin chpt 7 vocab

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  1. adventus
    coming, advent
  2. aedEs
    building, temple
  3. agmen
    marching column, line of march, army on the march; line, procession
  4. agmen claudere
    to bring up the rear
  5. novissimum agmen
    the rear guard
  6. primum agmen
    the vanguard
  7. aliquis
    someone, aanyone, something, anything
  8. ambulO
    to walk
  9. amittO
    to lose; let go; send away
  10. ascendO
    to climb up
  11. auctor
    author; authority; advocate; originator
  12. bibO
    to drink, imbibe
  13. caedEs
    murder, slaughter, killing
  14. caelum
    sky, heavens
  15. casus
    fall; accident; clamaity; emergency; misfortune; fate
  16. causa
    cause, reason, excuse, pretext
  17. ceterI
    the rest, the others
  18. cibus
  19. committO
    to bring together, unite; commit; begin
  20. proelium committere
    to join battle, fight
  21. confirmO
    to confirm, assert, declare; encourage
  22. consilium
    plan, counsel, advice; concil; judgment, consent
  23. conveniO
    to come together, assemble, meet, convene
  24. convenit
    it is right, it is agreed
  25. demonstrO
    to point out, demonstate, explain
  26. dimittO
    to send way, dismess; let go, release; lose; leave
  27. doleO
    to suffer, grieve; be moved
  28. equitatus
  29. felix
    happy, lucky; successful; fruitful
  30. frangO
    to break, dishearten; subdue
  31. gaudium
    joy, gladness
  32. hiberna
    winter camp, winter quarters
  33. hospes
    guest, host
  34. impediO
    to hinder, impede, obstruct
  35. imperO
    to command, order; rule; demand
  36. inferO
    to bring in, import; inflict; obtain
  37. bellum inferre
    to make war on
  38. signum inferre
    to advance
  39. itaque
    and so, accordingly; thus, therefore
  40. iudicO
    to judge, decide; think, infer; proclaim, declare
  41. ius
    right; justice; law
  42. iuvO
    to help, assist, aid
  43. latus
    side, flank
  44. laus
    praise; glory, renown
  45. lectus
    couch, bed
  46. medius
    in the middle of; moderate
  47. in mediO colle
    on the middle of the hill; halfway up the hill
  48. media nox
  49. militaris
    of a soldier, military
  50. res militaris
    the art of war, military science
  51. mirus
    wonderful, remarkable; strange
  52. mora
  53. mulier
    woman, wife
  54. multitudo
    crowd, multitude
  55. nascor
    to be born; arise; begin
  56. nisi
    if not, unless, except
  57. noceO
    to harm
  58. omnino
  59. opus
    work; need
  60. orior
    to rise, arise; spring from; be descended
  61. parcO
    to spare
  62. patria
    fatherland, native land
  63. paucI
  64. perturbO
    to disturb; confuse
  65. potior
    to gain possession of, acquire, obtain
  66. praeter
    beyond, more than; except, besides
  67. quidam
    certain, some
  68. quisque
    each one, each
  69. reliquus
    remaining, rest of
  70. remus
  71. salus
    health; welfare; safety
  72. senator
  73. socius
    comrade, ally
  74. surgO
    to rise; lift; grow
  75. tegO
    to cover, hide, conceal; defend, protect
  76. tollO
    to lift; carry up, raise; steal; remove; extol
  77. tribuO
    to assign, allot; bestow; attribute
  78. turpis
    ugly, base; shameful
  79. ubi
    where, when
  80. uter
    which (of two)
  81. uterque
    each, both
  82. uxor
  83. vel
    or, or even, indeed
  84. verO
    truly, in truth
  85. virtus
    manliness, courage, bravery; virtue
  86. voluntas
    will, wish, desire; favor, consent
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