Verbes irréguliers

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  1. être
    to be, was / were , been
  2. avoir
    to have, had, had
  3. venir
    to come, came, come
  4. aller
    to go, went, gone
  5. faire, fabriquer
    to make, made, made
  6. rencontrer
    to meet, met, met
  7. prendre
    to take, took, taken
  8. voir
    to see, saw, seen
  9. savoir, connaître
    to know, knew, known
  10. commencer
    to begin, began, begun
  11. écrire
    to write, wrote, written
  12. choisir
    to choose, chose, chosen
  13. dessiner, tirer
    to draw, drew, drawn
  14. devenir, obtenir
    to get, got, got
  15. oublier
    to forget, forgot, forgotten
  16. devenir
    to become, became, become
  17. laisser, quitter
    to leave, left, left
  18. apprendre
    to learn, learnt, learnt
  19. perdre
    to lose, lost, lost
  20. faire, accomplir
    to do, did, done
  21. montrer
    to show, showed, shown
  22. casser, briser
    to break, broke, broken
  23. envoyer
    to send, sent, sent
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