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  1. Why was I attracted to the civic learning fauclty learning community?
    I worked in faculty group on the pilot of the electronic Personal Development Plan. 

    a. The ePDP is a flexible online tool that allows students to plan, mark progress, and reflect on their college experience. Students create their own personalized website that showcases their learning and what they have accomplished at IUPUI.

    • b.     
    • What attracted me to this Faculty Learning Community is that this group was going to take the ePDP a step further by integrating the civic learning module with the ePDP

    • c.      
    • I had struggled in Fall 2010 implementing the ePDP along with my Service Learning Project in my stand along Business Learning Community and felt this was the perfect opportunity to integrate these two elements of my course.
  2. Before faculty Learning Community
    • a.      
    • A very simple structure for identifying student strengths and only putting emphasis of these strengths in their ePDP

    • b.     
    • There was minimal connections between the student’s service learning project and the ePDP
  3. After Faculty Learning Community Collaboration
    • a.      
    • Through many meetings and discussions of our Faculty L.C. I was able to develop a civic module through my course by integration.  Starting from my pea sized
    • strengths exercise into this emerging growth throughout the course.

    • b.     
    • I was already doing these items but now they are building into each other

    • c.      
    • I gained knowledge about scaffolding with what I am currently doing in my course and how this can be developed into the Service Learning project and other activities within the course. 

    • i. Start with what I was doing before.  Strengths activity and Service Learning Readings that discuss civic learning

    • ii.     Social Responsibility:  Viewing as a business
    • professional and the importance of becoming responsible, engaged citizen, who contributes to the community and from a corporate perspective on social responsibility. 

    • iii.     How can what has been learned be cultivated through the ePDP and I believe that this is done well through the reflections. 

    • iv.     Strengthen this integration by conducting individual meetings, Oral presentation of the ePDP students are able to view their learning in a more profound way and are able to communicate their learning not only electronically but also oral communication and they receive community coordinator feedback.   
  4. In summary my takeaways
    • a.      
    • How to integrate civic learning

    • b.     
    • Minor modifications to course outline can have major impact on student learning

    • c.      
    • Increased my own knowledge of scaffolding by working together with faculty who have similar interests in course content. 
  5. Questions
    Students before Faculty Learning community had minimal connections between Service Learning and how this relates to their journey as a student and professional.  Now after this collaboration students will make connections between individual strengths, engaging as citizen,and business professional and how this relates to the community. 
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