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  1. Goals of Progressivism
    • Protecting Social Welfare
    • Promoting Moral improvement
    • Creating eco. reform
    • Fostering efficiency
  2. Promoting Moral Improvement
    • Prohibition: the banning of alcoholic beverages
    • Suffrage: attempting to get women the right to vote
  3. Reform at the State Level
    • Efforts to limiting working hours
    • Muller v. Oregon- Court upholds limiting women to 10 hr workday
    • Bunting v. Oregon- upholds 10 hr workday for men
    • Reformers win workers' compensation for families of injured, killed
  4. Protecting Social Welfare
    • Child labor laws
    • Reduction in the work week
    • Social services tp help the poor and the immigrants
  5. Cleaning up state gov.
    • Direct primary
    • Initiative
    • Referendum
    • Recall
  6. Direct Primary
    an election in which the voters cast ballots to select nominees for an upcoming election
  7. Initiative
    Process that allows citizens to gather signatures on petitions to get a prosposed law on the ballot
  8. Referendum
    Citizens may demand, via petition, to be able to vote for or against a law
  9. Recall
    Gave citizens the ability to vote bad officials out of office
  10. Reforming Local Gov.
    • Galveston:
    • -huricane and tidal wave led to an emergency situation
    • -4 member commission of experts are given the task to rebuild the city
  11. Dayton
    • a flood led to the creation of council-manager gov.
    • Council writes the laws
    • Manager runs the city
  12. Teddy Roose. Progressive Presidency
    • Square Deal
    • Trustbusting
    • Pure food and drug Act
    • 16 amend.
    • 17 amend.
  13. Roose. Square Deal
    • "Everyone deserves a square deal"
    • Roose. is going to use the Presidency to start programs
  14. Sherman Anit-Trust Act
    • Outlawed monopolies and practicers that resulted in unfair business practices
    • Roose. used this to go after big trusts
  15. Meat Inspection Act
    • Created rules for cleanliness
    • Created a progream for meat inspection
  16. Pure Food And Drug Act
    • Halted the sale of contaminated foods and medecines
    • Called for truth in labeling
  17. U.S. Forest Service
    • To protect and manage the nation's water and timber resources
    • Strengthen by Teddy Roose.
  18. 16th Amendment
    Gave congress the power to levy an Income Tax
  19. 17th Amendment
    Provided for the direct election of senators
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