Sociology Ch. 10

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  1. absolute poverty
    inability to afford the minimal requirements for sustaining reasonably healthy existence
  2. authority
    possession of some status or quality that compels others to obey one's directives or commands
  3. caste system
    stratification system based on heredity, with little movement allowed across strata
  4. colonization
    process of expanding economic markets by invading and establishing control over a weaker country and its people
  5. competetive individualism
    cultural belief that those who succeed in society are those who work hardest and have the best abilities and that those who suffer don't work hard enough or lack the necessary traits or abilities
  6. culture-of-poverty thesis
    belief that poor people, resigned to their position insociety, develop a unique value structure to deal with their lack of success
  7. estate system (feudal system)
    stratification system in which high-status grouups own land and have power based on noble birth
  8. false consciousness
    situation in which people in the lower classes come to accept a blief system that harms them; the primary means by which powerful classes in society prevent protest and revolution
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The Architecture of stratification
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